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Importance of waterproofing for water tanks for residential apartments

More than 50% of residents in Karachi are living in residential apartments. With a large amount of people living their it also means that the cost spend on renovation is also quite higher as compared to homes.

But its not the case when Karachi is concern, for a single account, the waterproofing for water tanks for residential apartments are always left despite of extensive leakage and seepage being observed over these water tanks.

Let’s consider learning some points which will help us to digest the importance of waterproofing for water tanks for residential apartments.

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Repairing cracks

The first thing about water tank for residential apartments is to secure the water leakage through cracks both large and small. There are few chemicals used for waterproofing for water tank that can really fix the cracks for good.

Dealing with waterproofing chemicals, there’s no worthy contender that should fix the cracks for your water tank, but when dealing with waterproofing materials, there is bitumen membrane that is particularly best solution to fix the cracks for good.

Leakage from water tank

People usually avail the waterproofing for water tank only when they observe the leakages starts from its border.

Because of this leakage from water tank, the troubles of people begins with heaps and bounds. Thanks to the waterproofing chemicals, we can really fix this issue for good and ensure that no leakage and seepage ever comes as long as water tank is concerned.

When referring to the water tank for residential apartments, the leakage also causes some serious problems which can only be fixed with the help of some special type chemicals for the better.

Damages to multiple homes

As there are multiple homes in a residential apartment, the leakage caused by a leaky water tank can only affect no single but multiple homes.

Waterproofing for water tank helps homes to secure themselves from a lot of leakage which is caused by damaged concrete walls.

As most of the water tank are made up from the concrete material in the first place, its evident enough to use the material which works well with the concrete to the best of its ability.

Extreme conditions

There are weather that too cause residential apartment water tank to greatly damage itself. Its not only necessary to apply chemicals for waterproofing for water tank in the inside but also outside for multiple reasons.

One major reason for the application of waterproofing chemicals over the exterior walls of water tank is because of seasonal raining.

If the water remains lying over the outer walls of water tank, it soon will bear the consequences of water leakage and disrupts the water stored inside the water tank.

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Increases the life of water tank

If any solution that helps to increase the life of water tank for our residential apartments, its only positive to have that solution in the first place.

Thanks to the use of waterproofing chemicals for water tank, we can optimally use the waterproofing chemicals to help increase the life of water tank for the better.

Infestation due to air and light

Because of cracks and damage caused by leakage and seepage, a water tank for a residential apartment seems to be open to infestation caused by air and light.

When air and light enter into the water tank, fungus starts to infest your water tank and in some cases these fungus starts to clog the main water pipes all around your residential apartment.

Thanks to the use of waterproofing chemicals used for water tank over your residential apartment, we can ensure that the infestation remains at bay caused by the opening of cracks and molds.

Health implications

When the residents are using water, which is not clean and has some smell or other issue caused by fungus, there are some major health implications also waiting for them.

There’s on a lot of options open for people beside use of waterproofing for water tanks since this solution is not only possible for large water tank, but also helpful for longer years.

Contact LCS regarding waterproofing for water tanks for residential apartments

It’s up to the people to avail the solution of waterproofing for water tanks in the first place. The major reason always remains the leakage and seepage caused by the cracks, which can repair either through hiring a masonry expert or waterproofing chemical application.

If you are up for waterproofing solution, simply hire LCS waterproofing solutions for your water tank waterproofing needs and we’ll ensure to provide a comprehensive solution that’s will be upto your likings.

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