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Different types of sheets used for roofing in Karachi

With the advancement in civil technology, the types of sheets used for roofing have been greatly improved the solution to create makeshift housing that’s not just cheap but can be set up within a few days.

Here we’ll discuss different types of sheets used for roofing in Karachi to understand materials being used for securing a roof over our heads.

Not just the physical element of the roof, but we’ll also learn about the various other elements of protection that these roofs have such as security from high heat temperatures during the summer season.

1. Galvanized Iron (GI)

Highly popular types of sheets used for roofing that people used over their homes are Galvanized Iron or GI sheets. These sheets help provide basic security from rain, sunlight for multiple years to come.

Although the material that makes up the GI roofing sheet is either steel or iron, the special Zinc coating makes it Galvanized.

The main reason for this coating helps the material withstand different water-based damages, withstand UV light damage from the sun and other environmental damages.

Not to mention protection from rust is also ensured from the Galvanized coating based on electro-negativity when compared to simple iron protection.

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2. Corrugated Sheet

When a specially made pattern comes into the mix over a Galvanized Iron Sheet, it’s usually referred to as a Corrugated sheet.

These special pattern helps makes the overall types of sheets used for roofing more lightweight and provide strength into it.

For other benefits of GI sheet, the Corrugated sheet has it all. Hence it’s fair to say that a corrugated sheet is more popular for large sheds in the industrial sector.

3. Fiber Glass roof Panel

When people need the protection of steel but are not interested to use a sheet for any reason, the next best option they opt for is a fiberglass roof panel.

The best thing about fiberglass is its lightweight and sturdy property which helps them withstand even the harshest weather for years to come.

Additionally, referring to different types of sheets used for roofing, fiberglass is an excellent material for waterproofing and protection during the rainy season.

4. Bitumen Roofing Sheets

When people need protection from water-based damage, in the form of rainwater, they are looking for types of sheets used for roofing with waterproofing properties, either attached to them naturally or otherwise.

When dealing with bitumen roofing sheets as your selected types of sheets used for roofing, we can greatly improve the waterproofing element along with the sturdiness of iron sheets, the best of both worlds.

5. Fiber Cement Sheets

Mostly used over homes that are made of concrete or wood, fiber cement sheets come in the section which is placed with the help of some adhesive.

Fiber Cement sheets help the roofs to decrease its overall weight and help it to improve the sturdiness of normal concrete sheets. Thanks to the use of fiber, which is a mixture of plastic and glass, these types of sheets used for roofing is a great solution to improve waterproofing properties over your roof.

6. PVC Roofing Sheets

PVC roofing sheets are good types of sheets used for roofing, most importantly for decorative needs as well.

These types of sheets used for roofing are used over sheds located in commercial sectors and based on their required, these PVC roofing sheets come in different colors as well.

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7. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sheets

These types of sheets used for roofing are more popular overseas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not available in Pakistan.

As the name suggests, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) has been used in various types of sectors, which made many civil engineers and scientists realize its equal importance over roofing materials.

With low weight and great sturdiness in the bag, GRP roofing sheets are used as a roofing material for shed, both large and small.

8. Acrylic roofing sheets

Lastly, acrylic roofing sheets are also gaining immense popularity as being used as a decorative solution for roofing needs.

They are more found in the form of panels, multi-colors, which adds aesthetic sense over any sheet fabricated shed solutions.

Protect your various types of sheets used for roofing from high temperatures Today!

Let’s say all of these types of sheets used for roofing and more are a great solution to protect from rainwater, but not quite on leakage and seepage.

For that, and much more, we might require the assistance of LCS waterproofing solutions which ensures that our types of sheets used for roofing are secure from any form of damage namely water leakage as well as high temperature during the summer season.

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