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Tips on securing from water tank leakage seepage in Pakistan

Water tanks lead the most leakage and seepage trouble in Pakistan, only seconds to the bathroom. The main reason is quite easy to understand, as the main role of a water tank is to store water in the first place.

For all that water being stored without any space to travel, except the in and out pipes, the water tank gets frequently damaged from leakage and seepage in Pakistan. To fix this dilemma, we need to think consistently about how to resolve this trouble with the best of our ability.

Besides the issue of the leaky water tank, if the trouble of leakage and seepage is not fixed on time, the issue could be far-reached, meaning it can have repercussions over our entire establishments.

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Types of the water tank

Before we jump into the crux of our article, let’s understand the different types of water tank used in practice, because there are many than one.

Firstly, we have a stainless steel water tank which is used mostly as an overhead water tank and can withstand the harshest situation without any trouble.

Then we have more suited for a large area water tank, built from the concrete structure. This concrete based water tank is more prone to leakage and seepage, while stainless steel water tank usually comes in small size and is completely replaceable, hence there’s little need to repair an existing one in the first place.

What we are suggesting is that water tank leakage and seepage trouble in Pakistan is more or less directed towards the concrete based water tank.

How do leakage and seepage come to the water tank

A water tank is built to store water in the first place. And its basic science that leakage and seepage only come when water is in the plays.

Hence we cannot refrain from the fact that water tanks are usually taking a great toll on subjecting against water-based damages, and its only natural to get little concern for it.

People who want to fix their concrete-based water tank from leakage and seepage have to consider multiple ways to secure the cracks and other variants to make it’s completely waterproof.

Securing water tank from leakage and seepage in Pakistan

Enough with discussing the problem, its time to understand the solution and how we can help to fix water tank leakage and seepage in Pakistan.

Below are some of the top-rated solutions which help to secure our water tank from unprecedented leakage and seepage, plus it makes our water tank lives for years to come. Let’s see what are they.

Repairing with chemicals

First and foremost, when we talk about water tank leakage seepage in Pakistan, we usually referring to the concrete based water tank which needs fixing. When discussing the concrete based, what we are aiming is to give it a chance to chemicals that are specially designed for the same reason, meaning to help secure from leakage and seepage in the first place.

The special type of chemical is called waterproofing chemicals that are applied inside and outside of the water tank boundaries so that water leakage is controlled or better restrained.

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Apply bitumen membrane sheet

If the application of waterproofing chemicals is not doing our best, we are left with the application of more advanced one to help secure water tank leakage seepage in Pakistan. What we are suggesting is to use a bitumen membrane sheet to protect our water tank from unprecedented water-based leakages.

A bitumen membrane is a material which is applied with the help of blowtorch into the borders of a structure, to lock airtightness and help secure from water-based leakage and seepage into and out of the structure. The solution itself is quite popular and extensively used to secure the water tank from leakage and seepage in Pakistan.

Fill cracks and molds

Why do we need to repair a water tank in the first place? Because those cracks and molds aren’t gonna be fixed on their own.

Doing the repair works is expensive, let’s face it, but securing our water tank, in the long run, helps us greatly, even some money is involved in repairing the water tank in the first place.

When we are dealing with repairing works, the material and upon which our water tank is built on completely depends on the repair task. If the water tank is constructed from concrete, we need cement and other construction elements, otherwise, the stainless steel water tank only needs solutions or at the very most patches properly welded into the water tank.

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