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Types of Underground water tank waterproofing methods in Karachi

No wonder people are in great stress with water seepage and leakage trouble especially when we deal with underground water tanks.

The underground water tank is without a doubt is a place where people think twice to repair it, as it is way down our surface and requires a lot of equipment to perform the waterproofing in the first place.

For this article, we will explain various types of underground water tank waterproofing methods in Karachi and help people to give it a try to secure their underground water tank for the better.

Cementitious waterproofing

Almost all of the underground water tanks are usually made from concrete material, hence the best solution for the water tank waterproofing method is nonother than cementitious waterproofing.

Its’ easily applicable over the surface, walls, and roof of the underground water tank, plus it’s secure for people, as water is being stored inside.

When dealing with cementitious waterproofing solution, they are usually acrylic based chemical which comes in transparent color and does a wonderful job in protecting the adverse effects of water-based damages.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Since the place where we apply waterproofing is restricted, people have come up with an amazing solution to cover up even the harshest cracks and damages caused by extensive leakage and seepage.

Simply dealing with underground water tank waterproofing methods as previously explained, we can also take assistance from the liquid waterproofing membrane.

As the name suggests, the liquid waterproofing membrane works like a double coat of chemical over a single coat of primer.

We can apply this liquid waterproofing membrane either using a brush, roller, or high-powered spray. The main goal is to apply this unique water tank waterproofing methods and ensure that no leakage and seepage ever comes into place.

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing

The word bituminous came from bitumen, which is a derivative of asphalt and tar, used in road carpeting. The main feature of this chemical is that its oil-based chemical, and naturally, oil doesn’t go well with anything liquid.

But to get you at rest, we are recommending bituminous membrane waterproofing as our water tank waterproofing methods for this job.

The membrane-based bituminous waterproofing product is completely safe for use as a water tank waterproofing method in Karachi since they are coated with an environmental protective layer which is waterproof.

Polyurethane based membrane waterproofing

Many people might recall the product polyurethane as a heat insulation material that comes in the foam structure.

But it can be used as a water tank waterproofing method in the form of polyurethane-based membrane waterproofing.

As polyurethane is completely synthetic, its cheaper and abundantly found in Karachi. Simply using their membrane as waterproofing can ensure that no leakage and seepage comes through your water tank for years to come.

Some famous water tank waterproofing methods

After explaining the main products or in other words, services to fix your leakage and seepage, especially over your underground water tank waterproofing methods, it a high time to talk about the actual method to ensure that no leakage and seepage comes into play for years to come.

Below are some of the highly used water tank waterproofing methods used in Karachi to ensure that leakage and seepage should be kept at bay at all costs.

Treatment below the slab of the water tank

As a water tank composed of concrete walls, its only fair to consider the use of waterproofing chemical treatment below the slab of the water tank as the first thing that you should do.

As all water is exerting a downward force, the surface will greatly be damaged and at the end, leakage and seepage trouble will surely erupt sooner rather than later.

It’s a good practice to apply the bottom area first and make sure its coated and sealed with a double or triple coat to remain on the safe side.

Treatment of the vertical wall

Vertical walls also experience an immense amount of water-based damage, and as an expert in underlying water tank waterproofing methods, we advise our readers to get equipped with the best waterproofing chemicals and start securing your water tank walls as soon as possible.

The water tank walls will not bear a lot of force from water, but it’s an underground tank, we can suggest considering some repairing as well if there’s large cracks or other unwanted elements into play.

Want to apply the latest water tank waterproofing methods in your home?

It seems the water tank waterproofing methods are more than one, but all of these solutions have one objective in mind, to ensure proper water leakage and seepage protection for years to come.

Making it simple and straight forward, it’s only wise to consider a specialist company for this job. For that, call LCS waterproofing solutions and get an in-depth but free estimation for your underground water tank right away.

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