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Is there any trick for concrete water tank waterproofing?

Have you ever wondered about the main difference between concrete water tank waterproofing and non-concrete water tank waterproofing? Not likely so, because they all seem to do the same thing right? Well not precisely.

This is an important piece of information which greatly assist people and customer to avail the services of a
reputable waterproofing company that proudly promote their concrete water tank waterproofing for years’ worth of warranty claims.

Below are some of the elements followed by the experts in concrete water tank waterproofing which will greatly assist customers looking to hire a company for the same work for that matter.

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Clean Water tank properly

Before going ahead for concrete water tank waterproofing with full force, it’s quite important to ensure that your water tank is cleaned properly.

Like anything else, the cleaning for water tank required removal of water, any dirt, debris, or physical thing that will only come in the way during the concrete water tank waterproofing job.

When hired a professional concrete water tank waterproofing company, they will ensure that the cleaning part is handled by them without any troubles.

Look out for major damages

During the cleaning part of the concrete water tank, it’s important to notice any major areas of damages, whether large or small.

Since we are talking about the concrete water tank waterproofing using chemicals, it’s only valid to proceed with a waterproofing solution if there are no cracks into the mix.

When found any major damage, we have plenty of options to fix it, like using cement solution to fill the damaged area, or we can us bitumen membrane as our selected concrete water tank waterproofing solution.

Choose your chemical

There are multiple helpful chemicals used to make the water tank completely leakage free. The concrete is a special material and only a few materials can come into play when dealing with a concrete structure.

The most popular ones are acrylic, cementitious coating, and SBR chemicals to make the concrete surface secure from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage.

Besides the chemical application, we can also use the waterproofing membrane for the job, which is considered to be a little more expensive than concrete water tank waterproofing.

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Use an environmentally friendly product

Considering the use of a water tank for residential areas is quite a critical one, and it’s not recommended to use chemicals that are anyway of harmful for people, concrete water tank waterproofing should always use environmentally friendly products.

As waterproofing can usually be covered through the help of the chemical application, concrete water tank waterproofing can be done with a limited number of chemicals, to say the least.

The widely used waterproofing chemicals are acrylic chemicals, which is completely secure for water tank internal application.

Waterproofing from all corners

The hired company must ensure that no place should be left unattended when working to apply concrete water tank waterproofing as a whole.

As most of the concrete waterproofing either available for underground or overhead, the waterproofing chemical seems to uphold the reputation it precedes, only when the concrete waterproofing is selected for the job.

Don’t leave Outer for overhead water tank

Only possible for an overhead water tank, the concrete water tank waterproofing must be covered by the exterior end of the structure.

Considering the underground water tank, the leakage doesn’t make a series of devastating water-based damage as compared to the overhead water tank.

Hence it’s quite pertinent to have an exterior concrete water tank waterproofing as well as interior waterproofing to secure your water tank for the better.

When to use Bitumen membrane for concrete water tank waterproofing

Comparing with other waterproofing solutions available for water tanks, there’s another one, known to be as bitumen membrane, a type of sheet that is placed over the affected surface.

But since it’s far more expensive than using concrete water tank waterproofing, it’s important to understand the need and requirement of using bitumen membrane on a needed basis only.

Only when the overhead concrete water tank has a lot of cracks, using bitumen membrane seems to work on the benefit, otherwise, we can also use the assistance of masonry and then apply concrete water tank waterproofing.

Contact reputable company for concrete water tank waterproofing in Karachi

No one can fully comprehend the importance of using concrete water tank waterproofing, most especially for large residential areas, where even the smallest crack over your water tank will be devastating for the long run.

Simply call an LCS waterproofing solution for a quick free consultation and get the most professional concrete water tank waterproofing in Pakistan.

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