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5 easy steps to apply hot bitumen waterproofing over the roof

Everyone should avail of the solution that helps their homes and offices to be protected from leakage and seepage issues. To fix these issues in the first place, we need to understand the different types of waterproofing chemicals that come to our rescue. One of such chemicals is hot bitumen waterproofing.

It’s a little different when compared to the application of hot bitumen waterproofing and other waterproofing chemicals.

Below we will go ahead and explain in easy steps about how to apply hot bitumen waterproofing over the roof.

Procure Hot Bitumen from a reputable company

The process of application for hot bitumen waterproofing involves some important steps, but nothing will come closer than this first step, in which we need to procure the hot bitumen from not just anywhere, but only through a reputable company.

There’s always an option to hire a reputable waterproofing company for our hot bitumen waterproofing, although it’s still important to learn about the necessary steps that ensure that roof waterproofing using bitumen as possible.

With a quality-based hot bitumen, all of the subsequent steps will be then possible as people are looking for a thorough solution for their roof, to say the least.

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Heat bitumen in a barrel

People might find it a little weird at the start that hot bitumen material comes in solid form. We won’t be able to proceed to our next solution until the solid form is transformed into a liquid.

That can only be possible once we apply heat to the solution, as its one of the main reasons the hot bitumen waterproofing works similarly like any ordinary asphalt.

Placing all the hot bitumen material into a barrel which can take high temperature and place a burning fuel so that its possible to provide high temperature to the hot bitumen.

This process usually takes several hours as we need boiling temperature from the bitumen to make our hot bitumen waterproofing treatment over roof works.

Pour down bitumen over the roof

Once we have acquired hot bitumen material through heating the material intensely, its time to pour the chemical all over the roof for the real hot bitumen waterproofing treatment to begin.

But the pouring should be done systematically and above all, protective measures should be adopted at all costs. Such as wearing masks to get necessary protection for the bitumen fumes. Heaving heat enduring boots is also the part of hot bitumen waterproofing.

The pouring method should be done in such a way that hot bitumen should be started from the middle then towards the sides, as the material is in liquid form, time is always on the essence.  

Spread chemical using an iron sweeper

We can’t use either brush or anything light for spreading the hot bitumen compound all around. For that, we have to use a special material for the very job, an iron sweeper.

This is a material which helps to spread the chemical in the best possible way, without much of the hard work.

After pouring down the chemical, the sweeping should be done so that a certain amount of width should be maintained at all costs.

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Wait for bitumen to cool down

After the complete application of hot bitumen treatment is completed, it is advised to wait for the chemical to cool down.

The applicator and whose are equipped with the precautionary gear should be involved in the application process, but all of those people who have no business in the direct application should be refrain from walking down over the hot bitumen material at all cost.

The cool-off time depends on the weather, because if its direct sunlight is possible, the time will drastically decrease, but if the outside temperature is lower, the cooling downtime will increase.

Make sure to test the stiffness of the solution so that one doesn’t see any shine or reflection of the sunlight.

Test the treatment using spraying water 

For testing how well the solution works, as well as an optional method, spraying the water all over the treated roof is the live method to test the strength of hot bitumen waterproofing.

It also helps to quickly cool down the bitumen, but make sure to apply water once the bitumen is completely stiff from all corners. Because if we apply water over the bitumen while it’s still hot, the solution will break from various areas.

Looking to avail hot bitumen waterproofing through an expert company in Pakistan?

The application of hot bitumen waterproofing is a tough one. But thanks to the expertise of reputable companies in this domain, we can simply hire them for the hot bitumen waterproofing and ensure that a complete solution is undertaken with quality as well as timely solutions.

For people who are interested to avail hot bitumen waterproofing, simply contact LCS waterproofing solution and get a free consultation on this matter.

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