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8 types of household pests that are highly dangerous

There’s no home free of pest, no matter if it’s a day-old home. These pests are found usually on places hidden from us. They can bear with only water and air and roams around in the search of food, which gets us quite frustrated and disgusted at the same time.

But among several types of household pests located inside our home, there are some which are considered as dangerous and need to be eliminated.

We are going to list all of these types of household pests classified as highly dangerous for people below.


There’s nothing more harmful and destructive for a household pest although it usually comes under the category of a mammal is none other than rats.

Rats are bigger, very swift, and come during night time. They are naturally stealthy but are very much intelligent. They reproduce in numbers and manage to leave their trail in the form of their droppings.

Once in numbers, they will become more dangerous, and start to leave big marks over your garbage, and kitchen goods. There are some instances about the devastated impact of rats that they can also attack humans and pets, especially newborn babies.

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Bed Bugs

These pests are also quite dangerous because they suck up blood. It’s their only nutrients to grow and populate their numbers.

Although the amount of blood is minuscule, because they bite and releases a toxic chemical out from their mouth, it produces an itching sensation over the body.

The rashes caused by itching can create deeper cuts, damages skin, and ultimately opens up the way for further decay of our health.


Centipedes are the only type of household pests which is poisonous. They carry toxic poison and uses that poison to attack their prey.

Depending on the size of the centipedes, they can come through sewerage holes and into your home. They are very agile and can live inside water.

Pests like these can bite humans, although their poison is not fatal, but might leave swelling and redness over the bite mark area.

Another thing to remember about centipedes is that it runs on great speed and become agitates if we disturb it. Once agitated, it will certainly attack their target through biting, that’s why it’s very dangerous especially against children.


Although there’s no direct danger from flies in the form of bites, cuts, or stinging, flies are one of the types of household pests that are extremely annoying.

They are fast, so fast that’s it’s very difficult to kill them using the squashing technique. As flies are usually found near every household, sometimes it gets in numbers during raining and after Sacrificial Eid.

 As flies are a product of dirty water and garbage, they carry germs and can spread diseases.

They usually come over our food and water, while transporting all the germs over the edible items, they seem to be a nuisance, which must be eradicated as soon as possible.


No one can deny from the fact that mosquitoes are the only insect which can kill a person by transferring some dangerous germs inside our body.

With their sharp sting like nozzle used to suck up blood, they act as an injection element to transfer germs of some deadly diseases such as dengue, Zika virus, malaria, West Nile virus, and Chikungunya virus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 400,000 million have died in 2018 from malaria alone, which indicates mosquitos as a devastating type of household pests.

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Termites are disastrous, particularly for our home and furniture. They destroy anything made from wood to such an extent that it completely decomposed.

Especially for our home foundation, termites become a living and breathing threat which can never go away on its and without some additional precautionary measure are not adopted.


Cockroaches don’t bite but are very harmful since they are considered as germs carriers. They are usually found inside the hidden section of the kitchen and follow anywhere the food is present.

The larger one can fly as well, which is even more dangerous. They also produce a feeling of disgust, especially for women-folks.


Ants believe in numbers and they can bit you out of nowhere. They are found everywhere, even inside your clothes. Its quite necessary to target them where they live, because they reproduce in a day or two and quality in thousands.

Want to get rid of different types of household pests from your home using fumigation?

All of these types of household pests are dangerous for you and your loved ones, and they need to be terminated sooner rather than later.

If you have made up your mind for a quick round of termination solution, simply contact us at LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll ensure using our potent chemicals to fish out and kill all types of household pests mentioned above for all.

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