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Waterproofing seepage and leakage repair in Pakistan

Lakhwa Chemical Services has all the experience necessary to provide complete and concise waterproofing seepage and leakage repair in Pakistan that makes not only your roof but also helps to prevent water damages on another part of your construction that includes basement and foundation waterproofing. Through the use of sophisticated waterproofing technique and out of the box chemical treatment with an amazing results-oriented approach, our experts help stop all the running, cracking and seeping over your ceiling and walls that not only destroy your beautiful home or office construction but also decreases the total resale value in the market.

Types of products used for roof waterproofing

So much we as a waterproofing company in Pakistan has managed to provide to our customers the top-notch services that our customers are interested in. Anyhow, the products are the main ingredient which does all the heavy lifting in not only stopping the seepage and leakage repairs in Pakistan but also makes your concrete life to an increased level. For Lakhwa Chemical Services and out experts, we have managed to include several products with different approaches that manage to do the job well for our clients in the department of waterproofing seepage and leakage repair in Pakistan. Below are a few of the products and their advantages in the waterproofing department.

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Hot and Cold Bitumen coating

Bitumen which is also known as asphalt is a special type of material used in the construction of roads and tracks. Likewise, the application of bitumen is far more superior than just terrain development, but for waterproofing seepage and leakage repairs in Pakistan, it also holds a prominent position. Through various tries and errors, the hot and cold bitumen coating manages to provide a protective shield over the concrete rooftop which not only protects the inflow of water through ceiling and such, but also makes sure that your walls stay for years to come without any damage from leakage or rainy days when heavy water gets into your way and disturbs your home or office.

Torch applied bitumen membrane

There are many variants of bitumen used in waterproofing seepage and leakage repair in Pakistan, one of which that is quite popular for roof and foundation waterproofing in torch applied bitumen membrane. It’s only a membrane or sheet made from bitumen and adhesive built in to combined with the surface when the temperature rises artificially, or in other words when touch is applied into it. The bitumen membrane and its uses in the field of waterproofing holds a special place among many contractors cause the result is outstandingly positive.

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Lakhwa Chemical Services understands more than anyone else that the waterproofing leakage and seepage repairs in Pakistan is so necessary to stop the damages from the various adversary, more importantly from rain and water tank leakage. For the same principle, we as an expert in waterproofing and heat proofing solution provider in Pakistan try our level best to make sure that no leakage and seepage ever comes in our client’s ways when our services are properly concluded.

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