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How to repair dampness in walls in Karachi?

Do you often look out for the best guide online about how to repair dampness in walls for your home but hasn’t found a solution that works?

Being one of a waterproofing company, to learn about how to repair dampness in walls is not an easy task. Above all the guarantee work to ensure that dampness doesn’t come out again is also not applied for wall dampness.

Still, the best solution for the query about how to repair dampness in walls is listed down for our readers. 

Look out for water sources

The first step to ensure how to repair dampness in walls issue is to find out about the apparent sources of water leakage.

Usually, dampness is the next level of seepage and when water is at an extreme level with continuous flow, it’ll lead to dampness.

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Repair damaged parts 

After fixing all the outstanding plumbing works over your walls, the next step that comes after it is repairing all the damaged areas.

Talking about the damage sections for your walls, mostly it includes floor and walls cracks. The next level of cracks comes in the form of concrete damages and gaps.

No chemical can fix this issue until or unless these are properly filled up. You might need the assistance of a professional masonry worker.

Chemical-based solution

Once the damaged area is fixed as well as all the visible or conceal leakage sources, it’s not high time to go ahead with the application of a waterproofing chemical-based solution.

There are more than on chemical through which you can ensure that your walls no matter how old is it can be fixed for the better.

Below is the list of highly used waterproofing chemicals in practice, plus these chemicals work well for old structures and walls alike.


The most common waterproofing chemical which is applied to answer how to repair dampness in walls question is nothing but acrylic.

Talking about the chemical itself, it’s a cost-effective solution and comes in transparent color. The chemical is mixed with cement and applied over the external area. Whether its floor, roof, or any other surface, using acrylic seems to work universally.


Following up with different types of waterproofing chemicals that come to rescue and to help us in understanding how to repair dampness in walls is elastomeric.

The chemical is more concentrated than acrylic which makes it slightly more expensive than the chemical. It’s applied with the mixture of cement solution just like acrylic because cement works as an adhesive as well as helps to repair any damaged concrete section over your damaged wall or floor.


When we ask about another chemical that helps us to answer how to repair dampness in walls query to its maximum is none other than an oil-based solution.

Whether it’s called oil-based or carbon-based solution, the chemical is applied without adding any additional compound such as cement.

In the market, oil-based waterproofing chemical is usually a bitumen-based solution, namely hot bitumen and cold bitumen.

For cold bitumen, the application seems to be more straightforward and is applied in the form of paint over the surface.

As for hot bitumen, it’s applied after melting the rock-solid material, which is usually known as asphalt used for road carpeting work.

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Another form of waterproofing chemical that comes into play is SBR. Is a plastic induced chemical which is mixed with cement to form a strong bond.

Mostly used to fill up gaps or over the pouring of the concrete solution, SBR is gained tremendous popularity as to answer the main query about how to repair dampness in walls.

Masonry works

When everything else fails because of the state of the old walls, then its important to repair the walls with an overhaul masonry work.

Spread cement across the walls, along with tiling works to ensure that no leakage and seepage come near to your walls as well as to answer the main query of our today’s blog which is how to repair dampness in walls.

Looking to further learn about how to repair dampness in walls for your home?

Not much can be done to repair a wall that is old and need complete renovation works. But still using a chemical-based solution especially for old walls seems to work better.

For anyone interested to find more detail into how to repair dampness in walls, simply contact LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll make sure to provide you the best solution in the market.

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