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How does waterproofing chemical work as a seepage problem solution in Karachi?

Every household is looking to regain the beautification of his home, especially after the departure of the rainy season. What they need is a comprehensive seepage problem solution in Karachi.

Talking about the issue in general, it’s worth mentioning how waterproofing chemical works and plays its part to fix the issues of leakage and seepage over the concrete surface.

Below we have described all the steps carried out to covered the seepage problem solution with the help of waterproofing chemicals application in Karachi.

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Repair damaged concrete

First and foremost, it’s evident to apply chemical applications over the damaged area, but before making it a success, we need to repair those areas which are being heavily damaged through the water seepage problem.

The repairing of these surfaces can take place by using a mixture of cement and water over the concrete wall. This solution is important only if you find that chemical application won’t properly take its roots over the walls cause of uneven surface.

Apply primer over the surface

Once the repairing of concrete walls is taken care of, the next elements come is relates to the waterproofing solution.

Simply by mixing our acrylic-based chemical along with cement, the mixture can be used to apply as a primer into the surface.

A paintbrush is used to apply waterproofing chemicals over the walls. This makes the coating of primer like applying paint over your walls.

Waterproofing chemical coating 

After the primer is applied, the next step is to ensure that the waterproofing coating proceeds. As the name sounds, it’s covered by chemical applications in multiple coats.

For our readers to understand much about the seepage problem solution in Karachi, we have laid down some of the most popular solutions that makes your wall free of unnecessary seepage and leakage.


Acrylic is a polymer that is considered the most cost-effective solution you can find. As it comes in transparent color, application as your seepage problem solution comes as naturally as possible.

The chemical is mixed with cement to form an adhesive property. Once it’s applied through a paintbrush, it takes a minimum amount of time to fully applied over the entire wall without any reservations.

Bitumen based

Talking about a different form of seepage problem solution, we have listed down an oil-based waterproofing chemical which is highly popular in the world of the construction industry.

Bitumen is a hydrocarbon that comes in two forms, hot bitumen, and cold bitumen. For your seepage problem solution, cold bitumen is applied, which doesn’t require any other material like cement.

You can simply apply the chemical and it takes place to ensure that no seepage comes again and provide you with several years of protection.

Elastomeric based

The third form of waterproofing chemical is more popularly known as the elastomeric seepage problem solution.

As the name suggests Elastomeric and the ability to ensure even the harshest amount of leakage and seepage through your walls without any issue.

It’s applied like acrylic, meaning we mix cement with elastomeric waterproofing chemicals to get the much-needed adhesive property from our seepage problem solution.

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Wait for drying

Once the chemical is applied over your walls, it time to wait to let the chemical dry properly. This drying is important like in wall painting because it opens a window to recoat on multiple levels.

The real seepage problem solution can only emerge when drying chemicals are taken into extreme considerations. Most of the professional waterproofing companies and agencies that deal with seepage problem solutions make the drying part quite essential during the entire process.

Apply more coats

Coating chemical makes your wall withstand the damages of water-based elements, like wall seepage. Once the initial coat is properly dried up, the next seepage problem solution comes in the form of more solutions.

Thanks to these solutions in the first place, we make it evident enough to apply more coats, may be over 4 to increase the resistant strength of your surface from water leakage and seepage issues.

Want to hire an expert waterproofing company for your seepage problem solution in Karachi?

A professional waterproofing expert can better understand the issue of water leakage and seepage trouble for the better.

If you are looking to take a spin to our seepage problem solution, simply contact LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll ensure to apply the best service you could find in the market.

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