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Can normal white paintwork as roof heat proofing in Pakistan?

During summers, when the thermometer rose to the roof and unprecedented temperature finds its way inside our homes, the only thing we can rely on is air conditioning units. But it’s no secret that electricity in Pakistan is very expensive, while there is always the adversary of frequent power cuts due to high load. With all these issues, comes the next-gen solution which gives us plenty of relief as well as an opportunity to think out of the box. What we are aiming for is towards roof heat proofing services in Pakistan which are providing their solutions all around with great success. But what we need to understand the can a normal white paint works as roof heat proofing in Pakistan, as the natural color of roof heat proofing is also plain white.

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How is heat proofing chemical works?

Before jumping into conclusion, it’s always better to go step by step and learn how heat proofing chemicals work in the first place? As we have come to an understanding that heat proofing solution basically comes in the form of chemical. That chemical is applied over the roof so that sunlight reflects into the atmosphere. The temperature is reduced because the number of radiation that travels with sunlight gets reduced. When understanding the scientific reasoning behind such a phenomenon, white color is considered to be at a higher amount of light spectrum, which means no energy is absorbed and every light color is reflected. The white color thus helps to resolve the high temperature to 5 or more degrees without any external power such as electricity.

Difference between white paint and heat proofing chemicals?

Now with the crux of the topic, why can’t we use any normal white paint instead of heat proofing chemicals in Pakistan? Dealing with science, white colors is all the same, whether it’s produced through pigment or through a chemical process which forms heat proofing solution in Pakistan. But the main difference between the two is the feature of elasticity, which is only available in heat proofing chemicals. The heat proofing is also known as elastomeric chemicals which helps the chemical to change its form due to high temperature and doesn’t break off, like the white color paint. Also during raining and water leakage, the heat proofing chemical can withstand it, while white color might get off due to the physical interaction from water.

Materials used to secure heat from the roof

Talking about roof heat proofing services in Pakistan, they offer a lot of other related solutions to counter extreme heat over your facility. With the chemical application, we can also use canvas to create padding over your roof, so that heat temperature reflects and those who haven’t get insulated with the help of a cloth. When the cloth is applied over the roof, and heat proofing chemical is treated, the roof gets more secured from heat temperature. Secondly, the use of heat insulation also helps to reduce the heat temperature and even heatwaves which come quite frequently in the large metropolis of Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore.

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Process of its application

The heat proofing service in Pakistan is prime responsible for providing chemical-based solutions over the affected roof, which consists of steps. Firstly, the roof is properly cleaned from any debris or dust particles. As the chemical is about to get applied over the surface, the roof must be cleared as much as possible. Over the cleaned roof, we first apply the first coat of white chemical and once it gets dried up, another coat is applied. This is the most basic application which helps fixed the high temperature over the roof in Pakistan. With the assistance of roof heat proofing services in Pakistan, the overall process of its application might take no more than few hours, hence this solution is considered to be fast and most reliable among the rest.

Are there any harmful effects of heat proofing chemicals?

Still, people might consider why won’t white paint be used instead of heat proofing chemicals in Pakistan as people get a little wary of the fact that heat proofing chemicals might have some harmful effects on our health. Its quite untrue to consider that heat proofing has some type of harmful element, and that it has negative implications over our health. In truth, heat proofing chemical is made 80% out of water. It has no odor and can be applied with the help of a brush or a roller. Once it’s applied, no smoke or smell is coming out from the chemical. Also as heat proofing chemicals are always applied at the exterior area of the roof, no effect it will have on our health in any way possible.

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