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How much roof grip membrane cost in Pakistan?

There are various brands available in Pakistan for bitumen membrane. Although we can ask for the solution from any source, the roof grip membrane seems to be among the top-rated brand in Pakistan.

If this statement is true, the next important question that follows up is how much roof grip membrane cost in Pakistan?

To answer this question, we have listed some of the helpful factors which help people to understand the actual cost of the product as well as how to get the most updated cost in the first place.

How to calculate the costing of bitumen membrane

Before we can go with the cost of roof grip membrane from any market, it important to first learn how accumulative costing will be over the area on which bitumen membrane is going to be applied.

We have presented with a guide that will help readers in finding out the method used to calculate the costing of bitumen membranes for the job.

Per sq. ft

For anything related to waterproofing solution, which includes a chemical application or membrane-based solution, we need to calculate the area.

Talking about the area, it’s calculated by sq ft, since most of the area is like a room, or square flooring, finding the approximate area is necessary for actual cost.

The method to calculate sq. ft is either through doing yourself or calling out a bitumen membrane specialist to do it for you.

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Lumpsum cost

If the area is small and the roof grip membrane needs to be applied over it, most of the contractors prefer to charge a lump sum cost for it.

The main reason for this is because the bitumen membrane comes in rolls, which is applied over the straight floor. The lump-sum amount is usually asked for bathroom waterproofing or water tank waterproofing, where the area is smaller than the roof.

Labor Charges

Talking about the product is one thing, but there’s more added cost when we need to apply it over our facility.

Since the roof grip membrane is used for securing the surface from the adverse effects of water-based leakage and seepage, the application itself increases the cost.

First and foremost, we need an experienced and capable labor force to apply the bitumen membrane over the surface in the first place.

The total cost of roof grip membrane must include labor charges as well, but most of the time, people are only looking for a product, for them, the total cost reduces exponentially.

Equipment Charges

The bitumen membrane requires equipment so that it’s properly applied over the surface. That surface will also be charged in total roof grip membrane cost.

Talking about the equipment, the most important part of the application is a cutting tool and a shotgun. Cutting is done over the membrane sheet so properly make a size most suitable for the area, while the hot gun is used to apply the bitumen membrane over the surface.

There is other equipment, such as protective shoes, paintbrushes, bucks, and other equipment which is needed during the job in the first place.

Service Charges

Because the application is composed of labor and equipment, everything else in between comes in misc. service cost. A few of the services for the product include transporting the equipment, cleaning the area of application, and provide consultation on the job.

There are different services provide by different companies, but there’s always some benefit pertain from people selling the roof grip membrane product along with its application.

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Product Warranty 

There’s no additional cost for product warranty, although it’s a marketing tactic adopted by most of the companies to ensure that people get interested in hiring them for the job.

For the warranty of the roof grip membrane, it usually depends on the different quality and width size of the material. On average, around 10 years of warranty of products is usually claimed by contractors in the first place.

Want to learn the last cost of roof grip membrane cost in Pakistan?

There are more than one instances where people are looking to avail of the roof grip membrane for their surface because of the high amount of leakage and seepage trouble.

If you are one of them, simply contact an LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll ensure to provide you one of the best services you can get.

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