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Different overhead water tank types where waterproofing works

Waterproofing chemical application is a great solution to secure your structure from water leakage and seepage, but what about water tank troubles?

There are various overhead water tank types on which waterproofing chemicals are easily applied. In this article, we will list the most popular ones and which material are they made from in reality.

Fiberglass water tank

The fiberglass water tank is popularly used as overhead water tank types on which waterproofing chemical is easily applied.

Since there are various types of waterproofing chemicals available in the market, the leakage and seepage can be secured by using acrylic-based chemicals without any mixing required.

There are few instances when a fiberglass water tank after the application of waterproofing chemicals produces some sort of leakage trouble for people.

Corrugated steel water tank

Similarly, as corrugated steel sheets used for the roof, the same material can also come into consideration for overhead water tank types.

Talking about the damage element over the corrugated steel water tank, it can fully get repaired using waterproofing chemicals.

Usually, the application of oil-based chemical applications like cold bitumen over the external end of the water tank so that water doesn’t get contaminated and also leakage stops at the earliest.

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Carbon welded water tank

A carbon welding water tank is usually found in the commercial sector because it’s cheap when made for a large area.

But like any other water tank, it can be subjected to leakage and seepage, hence it’s vital to provide a solution as soon as possible using a waterproofing chemical.

Being a large area wielding overhead water tank types, using acrylic or bitumen seems to be the right option to ensure that no water-based damages come near them.

Polyethylene water tank

Polyethylene is a hard-based compound which is commonly used in industries and large organization. Talking about different overhead water tank types, there’s no shortage of these types to store a large quantity of water into them.

Like anything else in the world, it’s possible that these water tank might become damaged and needs a solution so that it gets repaired as soon as possible.

Thanks to the use of waterproofing chemicals such as acrylic or elastomeric based solution, we can get a good chance to ensure that leakage and seepage are strongly resisted as best of our ability.

Folding water tank

Thanks to the advancements of waterproof technology, there’s a more subtle overhead water tank types which are profoundly surfacing out in the mainstream market, known as folding water tank.

Like any other surface, these types of the water tank can also get damaged and need a proper solution for waterproofing.

For these, it’s advised to replace the folding sheet completely, because it’s quite difficult to apply waterproofing chemical over the surface and product meaningful result.

Concrete water tank

One of the highly common overhead water tank types used in many homes is none other than a concrete water tank.

The best thing about the concrete structure for the water tank is that it’s 100% repairable. Not to mention it can withstand thousands of tons of water into itself.

In Pakistan, because concrete is usually the common material used in construction, it’s quite evident to see a concrete-based water tank works in extremely good terms with a waterproofing solution.

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Aqua plate water tank

Aqua plate is a new form of material used as overhead water tank types in small homes. This water tank looks likes steel, so it has better efficiency for leakage and seepage protection.

But like anything else, the use of waterproofing chemicals improves the workability of these structures in the first place.

Plastic Water tank

As long as the time goes, plastic has remained prime material for building anything, such as for overhead water tank types.

As for its repairing tactics, the use of acrylic and rubber patches seems to work hand in hand in the long run, because at the end of the day, people need to spend less and want to find more for their solutions.

Want to know which overhead water tank types the waterproofing chemicals works in detail?

There’s no doubt whatsoever that due to different overhead water tank types, the waterproofing chemical application differs accordingly.

If you have an ordinary or no so ordinary water tank and looking to apply waterproofing chemicals through it, simply contact Lakhwa Chemical Services for a quick consultation free of cost.

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