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How to calculate roof insulation installation cost in Karachi?

When there’s a need to apply roof insulation, the next important question that comes into the mind is roof insulation installation cost.

We have listed down some of the factors which help understand in great detail about what to expect if someone is looking for the application of roof insulation solution in Karachi.

Calculate the area of the roof

The first and foremost, to get a clear or for the least a rough estimation about roof insulation installation cost is calculated through basic athematic operations.

Through calculating one’s size of the roof, you can have a rough estimation of what’s roof insulation installation cost going to be.

Now when we say rough estimation, we want to imply the fact that roof insulation comes in different forms and sizes.

It’s is evident enough to first learn about various kinds of available roof insulation material for the masses.

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Choose the type of roof insulation 

Talking about roof insulation installation cost, you need to learn first about different types of roof insulation available in the market.

Because each of the roof insulation has different roof insulation installation costs, we have listed some of the popular ones below.

Polyurethane sheets

One of the highly popular as well as easily available roof insulation is none other than polyurethane sheets. The material itself is used for many occasions, but one form of its usage is for roof insulation solutions.

Talking about the sheets, it comes in large square panels which are applied either in sandwich form or over the roof protected through some sort of coat.

Since the main reason for the application of roof insulation is to secure oneself from the adverse effects of high temperature in Karachi, most of the time the application of polyurethane sheets is applied during the construction process.

PU Spray

Another form of polyurethane insulation comes in the form and is applied through a high-powered spray machine. As for the roof insulation installation cost for PU spray, it’s more expensive when compared to the normal polyurethane sheet cause of its flexibility.

The form can be applied on any rooftop, whether it’s straight or rough. Not to mention the PU spray foam is applied over the surface especially after the construction work is completed.

Thermophore sheet

No one can beat the popularity of the thermopore sheet when it comes to roof insulation. That gives a pretty high window of opportunity for many households to use their product.

Now with the most important question that follows up is what is the total roof insulation installation cost in Karachi.

As compared to other insulation materials over this list, the thermopane sheet seems to be the cheapest but at the same time is quite on the hard level during the roof insulation application process.

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Wooden planks

These roof insulation materials that have explained above are surely advanced form and many people might be reluctant to apply this over their roof.

That leaves the most natural roof insulation material for us, the wood. Simply by applying wooden plants over a roof will help greatly in reducing high temperature over the roof.

As far as the actual roof insulation installation cost is concerned while using wooden planks, the cost is minimum. Most people can simply use wooden scraps over their roof without any reservation.

Where does maintenance cost come in?

The roof heat insulation maintenance is an element that keeps most people up at night because although roof insulation installation cost is usually above their nominal budget, they still need to ensure that their insulation keeps performing, or else they had to go ahead with maintenance work.

Usually, some of the large heat insulation companies in Karachi provide a warranty for the product, which lasts several years. If still, the repair works need to be carried out to ensure that heat insulation is maintained over the roof, it’s better to rely on that insulation that is applied over your roof, like PU spray.

Looking to find the best roof insulation installation cost for your home in Karachi?

As a professional heat insulation provider, we understand what makes people find the main question about roof insulation installation cost whenever insulation comes into mind. One reason is that it’s an expansive solution, to say the least.

If you need to find more about what is the cost of roof heat insulation in Karachi and looking to avail the solution, simply contact LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll comply as per your requirement.

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