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Heat Proofing Services in Multan

Lakhwa Chemical Services provide great assistance to our customers more specifiable around the great metropolis in Pakistan. Being the top provider of heat-proofing services in Multan, we understand the unbearable heat waves that are gaining momentum and adding more trouble into the lives of people. It is due to the same fact that we, as a top provider of heat-proofing solutions in Multan, manages to nib the heat on its bud by application of top-notch heat proofing products that does all the job to its best nature. The products we have into our disposal not only makes your roof cool but also secure a better chance of saving the electric bill and retrieve investment that you are looking for the long run.

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Heatproofing solutions that we provide

Heatproofing is all chemical based, so it’s only reasonable to discuss which chemical we possess and the equipped used for its application. Through various processes and experience, we have gain momentum with working on various cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, and Islamabad. The chemicals that involve on fighting the intense heat wave and making sure that our customers get a cooler sensation with hours of our application is further divided into two categories, heat proofing sun reflective paint, and another one is heat insulation/

Heat reflector coating for decreasing sun radiation

A cheapest more effective way of making sure that our customer enjoys cooler summers is through testing out our sun reflective paint which is the most feasible solution for heat proofing services in Multan and around other areas in Pakistan. This heat reflector coating comes in elastomeric paint substance, which looks like a masonry paint, and also completely in white color. The main concept behind such product is to make sure that all the heat is reflected back into the atmosphere, making your roof way cooler than before and at the same time helps our customer to save money in the form of lower air conditioning costs.

Coating system amalgamated with a reflector coating

Since we are talking about coating and insulting your rooftops, it’s only wise to mention various types of laying that takes place while working on the cooling mechanism. The system which makes sure that no heat ever transfers into the internal structure of your facility is managed by securing the rooftop through the application of heat proofing service in Multan, and in the form of Coating, system adjoined with the state of the art reflector system. All of these chemically attune substance help reduce the intense heat waves over the skies of Multan and in the result of it, makes once housing way cooler than before.

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Lakhwa Chemical Services helps customer far and wide and with a multitude of chemical treatment that included roof waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, heat insulation, heat proofing, leakage and seepage control and other various solutions that are regarding construction repairs and renovation related services.

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