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How to reduce heat from concrete during a heatwave?

In Pakistan, around 99% of homes are made of concrete. One reason is because of cheaper cement and concrete raw material in the country and secondly, we have expensive wood. Although have a concrete building has its defects, especially in summer. That’s why we seem fit to write about how to reduce heat from concrete during heat waves.

Thanks to the advance in science and technology, there is plenty of solution available at our disposal which helps reduce the heat from concrete over our walls. Some of them are mentioned below.

Heat proofing paint

In the list of how to reduce heat from concrete, we would like to mention the easiest to apply that comes in chemical form, known as heat proofing paint.

The main benefit of this solution is it’s applied within a few hours and produces results instantly. Although its chemical name is known as elastomeric, it’s quite effective for reflecting sunlight into the atmosphere.

This solution has been picking on the pace when compared to other solutions because it is made specifically for answering the main concern of how to reduce heat from concrete.

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Aluminum foil

To have the benefits of both worlds namely from intense heat as well as leakage and seepage, we use a material known as bitumen membrane with aluminum foil.

The material is applied over the roof from the end of bitumen placed at the bottom, while the aluminum member is placed at the top.

To answer the main question about how to reduce heat from concrete, the aluminum foil is the real answer, while the effectiveness of bitumen membrane help concretes furtherly. Namely by repairing small cracks and secure from leakage and seepage during the rainy season.

PU foam spray insulation

There is heat insulation material available to fix the element of how to reduce heat from concrete. The heat can be reduced either by reflecting the sunlight back or with the help of insulation material.

In Pakistan, polyurethane insulation or PU form spray is gaining tremendous success as it helps to secure heat from the roof.

The best thing about form-based PU material is that it can be applied on virtually any type of roof effectively. Furthermore, it can make your roof air-tight which is needed especially if you want the cool air of air conditioning to retain over your home.

Water sprinklers

Talking about how to reduce heat from concrete during a heatwave, we find it a bit important to discuss all the major solution which are applied practically and produces a great result. One of the solutions is related to water sprinklers attached to your roof.

This is the same water sprinkling solution, which is place over the garden place, but when the heat is tough on people, this same system can be applied over the roof.

With the help of evaporation, the roof remains cooled. Just this solution requires water pressure and placement of these sprinklers to cover the entire to work properly, which is an additional investment.

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Mineral rocks

When you are looking to find the solution about how to reduce heat from concrete, but not looking to invest a lot of money into it, try laying mineral rock over the roof.

The rocks are also painted into white color since white is good reflective paint. These rocks should be gravel and placed in number so that no place is left.

There’s a pretty good R-value reached with the help of these gravel placements over your concrete roof. Not to mention the entire solution is quite cost-effective when compared with the rest of them.

Metal shade

There’s a great solution that simply makes your roof protected from heat and rain, also known as a classic solution, through the metal shade.

A shade is applied with some elevation using pipes, and with the solid metallic roofing material for shapes, you will enjoy a constant shade during the daytime, while protecting from leakage and seepage during the monsoon period.

Although this solution is effective, it somewhat completely remove the feature of seeing the open sky for people, hence there’s a trade-off in this feature when going on with how to reduce heat from concrete using the classic method.

How to reduce heat from concrete using heatproofing chemicals?

It’s imperative to avail protective mechanism for your roof, especially during high temperature. It’s understandable that heat proofing chemical assists during a heatwave, but what about the material.

This leads to a new query on the minds of people, how to reduce heat from concrete using heatproofing chemicals?

 The material itself can be used on other materials such as metal sheets as well as stones, although around 99% of the roof is made of concrete which needs proper attention from any next-gen solution available in the market.

Clean roof

Talking about steps required to answer the main question of today which is How to reduce heat from concrete using heatproofing chemicals, the first thing is to clean your roof thoroughly.

This includes sweeping dust or debris out of the roof surface. Also cleaning using water by spreading it through a water hose will help the remaining dust to clean off.

The cleaning work for your roof is regarded as the precondition for heatproofing chemicals to work as intended and make your concrete reduce heat for the better.

Apply primer

Primer is a material that is directly applied over the bare surface, whether it’s for painting work or rather using heatproofing chemicals over the floor.

In this regard, the primer is made from heatproofing material is applied solely with light viscosity so that it defines as an adhesive solution for sheets, which must be applied over the primer.

The rope of primer also helps secure small cracks over your roof and hide them from the plausible leakage and seepage trouble.

Install canvas sheet

Canvas sheet is applied after the work for primer is completed. This is important to question the main issue about how to reduce heat from concrete using heat proofing chemical as sheet adds a layer of protection.

Since the best course of action is to install a metal shed over the roof and apply heatproofing material over it, but this strategy will cost you’re a lot. Applying canvas sheets works similarly without being heavy over your wallet.

Recoat several times

Applying sheet barely will lead to its removal if a high gust of wind comes over your roof. To secure your canvas as well as make it more secure from the adverse effects of high temperature, recoat several times over the canvas.

The canvas will hide over multiple coats and ensure that the main question about How to reduce heat from the concrete through heat proofing comes into existence.

Want to find chemical solutions to reduce heat from a concrete roof?

It’s quite important to note that every coming year will bring a high temperature because of the repercussions of global warming. The solution other than air conditioning is now more than ever needed.

If that’s the case and learning about how to reduce heat from the concrete through features has piqued your interest, go one with the second step and contact us at LCS waterproofing solutions and we’ll provide you with an estimation of chemical-based solution.

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