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Top 5 myths of roof cooling paint in Pakistan

Myths about roof cooling paint in Pakistan are starting to surface and have been evolving concerning the time at an alarming rate. Being one of the professionals in heat proofing solutions in Pakistan, we need to clear all the myths and misconceptions about what is roof cooling paint and does it something out of the comic book or not.

Below we are going to explain in detail about major myths of roof cooling paint in Pakistan and make proper correction of the unanswered issues about roof cool paint in Pakistan.

Roof cool paint can make your roof chilly

The first myth that many people ask from a professional roof cool service in Pakistan is that the roof cooling paint makes roof chilly cold. As the name suggests, roof cool sounds pretty like something of an icecream level solution that is applied over our roof.

The real answer behind this myth is a big no. Since the name suggests roof cool, its nothing but a brand name. In chemical terms, the roof cool is a chemical that is called elastomeric and is used to help reflect sunlight which roof received directly from the sun.

The solution helps to cater to reducing around 5 degrees of temperature down from the roof and if the weather it’s favorable, more temperature will be reduced. Hence this is the only feature of roof cooling paint in Pakistan.

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It’s harmful to our health

Another myth that most people start to believe that roof cooling paint in Pakistan is quite harmful to our health, maybe because it’s used to cool roof and all, it’s not safe for human and the fumes might get into our way, making our health deteriorate over time.

There is absolutely no reason to think that the roof cooling paint is harmful for the application over the roof. And there’s no evidence of any health condition which is directly linked to the effects of heat proofing paint in Pakistan. Since its nothing more than paint, it can be applied without any reservations over your roof, and no health precautions are required to suggest due to this special paint.

Its application takes days

People understand that roof cooling paint needs special equipment, special labor and a lot of chemicals which days if not weeks for its application, and also keeps us awaken up at nights thinking about this delay.

There’s no evidence and neither any reason to believe that application for roof cooling in Pakistan takes days. The heat proofing solution doesn’t take more than a day if the roof size is of average. We are talking about hours since people, that are already equipped with paint application work can handle this job with ease.

Roof cooling paint only work after it gets wet

People think that roof cooling paint in Pakistan is dependent on the water and we must keep on applying water and make it wet ensuring that its actual purpose is attended.

There’s no evidence about such activity that suggests that water makes your roof cooler the use of water is negative when the material of which your roof is made up of is concrete. The application of roof cooling paint in Pakistan solely used to reflect the sunlight since the paint is off white color, and white color helps to reflect the sunlight. There’s no use of water anywhere over the roof.

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It’s very expensive

People understand that roof cooling paint in Pakistan is extremely expensive for application. And due to this reason, many people usually back off from the application of heat proofing chemicals in their homes.

They explain the real cost involved in heat proofing solution, it only takes mere thousands of rupees on its application, as chemical and labor costs are only variables involved for its application. The cost of roof cooling in Pakistan is in fact considered to be among the cheapest solution when we consider other alternative solution that resolves the high temperature over our room, I.e. air conditioning unit.

Want to apply roof cooling paint in your home?

People need to know more and we at LCS heat proofing solutions understand more than anyone else that it’s only evident that more details which comprise only on truth are properly reached to the customers. For people who still have some questions, we will be more than happy to answer all of them with the best of our ability.

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