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Cost of heat resistant materials for roofing used in Pakistan

Half of the time people search the internet to find the cost of certain products, such as heat resistant materials for roofing in Pakistan.

There’s a clear understanding of why finding the cost of these heat resistant materials for roofing is important in the first place.

The main reason as a professional heat insulation service in Pakistan understands is the investment element to cover their high electric cost for the future. Or there might be a reason behind new construction and they need to see the latest heat resistant materials for roofing in the market.

Nonetheless, we have created an informative article for our readers to find some more about what is the cost of heat resistant materials for roofing used in Pakistan.

Corrugated Sheet cost in Pakistan

The benefits of having a corrugated sheet as your heat resistant materials for roofing are more than few. One of the major reasons people go with a corrugated sheet in the first place is because of its cheap rates and durability at the same time.

Here, we can greatly acknowledge that with simple metal sheet when coated over rust protected coat, as galvanization makes one of the quite well heat resistant materials for roofing.

Talking about the cost, there is a various market in Pakistan from which people can have this material. The cost varies from thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the size and quality of the corrugated sheet.

The best thing about corrugated sheet is that it’s locally made, hence the difference in a foreign currency will have little effect on this type of heat resistant materials for roofing.

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Galvanized Sheet cost in Pakistan

Similar in both shape and size of the corrugated sheet, we have another form of heat resistant material for roofing known as a galvanized sheet.

The main difference between galvanized sheet and GI sheet galvanized sheet could come in straight form, while GI sheet’s surface is bent on a form, known as Galvanized, which makes it stronger, sturdier when used as roofing sheet.

The cost of the galvanized sheet is letter lesser than the corrugated sheet since the metal sheet comes in a smooth surface. Another benefit w.r.t cost is that galvanized sheet is made locally which is always the best thing for a customer to hear.

Polyester Painted Sheet cost in Pakistan

Similar to galvanized coated steel sheet, which is a form of zinc coat, is further recoated with polyester paint.

This paint helps the material to get more strength in terms of life and protect from the leakage from water-based damage, such as rain.

The polyester painted sheet comes in different forms, such as corrugated, flat, or tilted, based on the requirements of customers.

Talking about the polyester painted sheet cost in Pakistan, it’s something near to galvanized sheet, but because it’s not as common as the galvanized sheet, finding it would be a challenge for customers.

PVC Plastisol Sheet cost in Pakistan

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a highly used material in construction specifically and our everyday life in general. Talking about the heat-resistant materials for roofing used in Pakistan, PVC Plastisol is the coat that is applied over an ordinary galvanized sheet.

The coating makes the sheet more durable and helps it to withstand the harsh summer season effectively.

As for the cost, PVC plastisol sheet is available in Pakistan although it’s of lesser quantity when compared to corrugated sheet in Pakistan.

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Bitumen Sheet cost in Pakistan

The black corrugated bitumen sheet in Pakistan is something you might encounter during your initial search. It’s the same heat-resistant materials for roofing with an additional coat of bitumen material, making it waterproofing.

The main danger that a steel sheet has is water, and if there’s a precaution in place to deal with the water element, it’s bound to increase the average life of that material tenfold.

As for what is the bitumen sheet cost in Pakistan, it’s similar to corrugated steel sheet cost, but with extra for bitumen material application. The material element can also be done separately by contacting a waterproofing solution provider in Pakistan.

How to consider live of heat resistant materials for roofing

Everything in this work has an expiry date, and the same can be said for heat-resistant material for roofing in Pakistan.

Although it’s important to learn about the lives of particular heat resistant materials for roofing because it helps customers to have a mindset about the cost of the material as well as when will it be a good time to replace the material.

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the factors through which you can learn about the remaining life of heat resistant materials for roofing in Pakistan.


Quality plays a vital role in helping understand the life of heat resistant materials for roofing.

The greater the quality of the product, the higher number of days it can sustain to remain in working condition.

Higher quality of roofing material means more cost is required to pay for the material, as lower quality means the material won’t last more than a few months at most. This is important to realize as nothing beats quality when it compares to the life of the product.


The thing about the structure for heat-resistant materials for roofing tells a lot about its strength and how it can withstand even the harsh weather without any trouble.

Some sheets are made from plastic and, understandably, it’s way weaker when compared to the metal sheet.

The same can be said for galvanized metal sheets when compared to ordinary sheets. The thing about the structure of heat resistant materials for roofing provides a clear contrast to how many years the material can live and provide protection from high temperature over your roof.

Environmental damages

No matter how quality-based heat-resistant materials for roofing are used in Pakistan, the environmental damages are something to get vary off.

Some of the elements which damage roofing sheets are hailstorm, rain, and snow. Sandstorm and foggy weather can also create rust over the metallic roof in lesser time which reduces the total life of the material.

One reason to use heat resistant materials for roofing in the first place is to get protection from an environmental catastrophe so that your roof bears the damage instead of you although the damage sustains a decrease in the lifespan of the material.

Repair cost

Talking about life, if you found that heat resistant materials for roofing have become damaged, simply repairing it using waterproofing coating increase the life of the material for a couple of years.

There some cost involved which is little on the low side compared to the replacement of the material in the first place.

Looking to apply heat resistant materials for the roof of your home?

There are many instances where a heat proofing solution can assist in dealing with high temperature during the summer season whenever a metal sheet is under consideration.

If that’s the case, simply contact LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll provide a comprehensive solution for our customers that ensures that heat is controlled over your metal roof for the better.

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