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How to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan?

There are different types of roofs in Pakistan, for example, a roof made from concrete, metal, and bricks. No matter the roof structure and material, the heat problem during the summer season is a common occurrence each year. That’s why it leads us to talk more about how to prevent the roof from sun heat through some of the tried and tested solutions in the market.

Let’s delve more into the solution that is easily available at our disposal and greatly assist in dealing with a hard query about how to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan.

Heat proofing chemicals

The first thing which is worthy of a mention to cater the question directed towards how to prevent the roof from sun heat is by using heat proofing chemicals.

The term heat proofing is a concept for people that identifies as a solution which makes your home heatproof.

There is some science behind this feature, such as chemicals applied over the roof in the form of coats. Like we use wall paint, in the same manner, heat proofing chemicals are applied. And for our readers, the heat proofing chemicals always comes in white color.

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Canvas sheet benefits

Heat proofing needs just one material to have truly answer the question about how to prevent the roof from sun heat, which is known as canvas.

A canvas is a sheet made from cotton and it’s applied in such a way over the roof that multiple coatings of the same heat proofing material hides the canvas material completely.

Once the material is completely submerged, the real benefit emerges in terms of better resistivity from high temperature and radiation. The canvas works as padding which is not only cost-effectively but essential for cater to the problem of how to prevent the roof from sun heat.

Using membrane with foil

There’s another highly popular solution which can be considered as a good contender to answer how to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan.

A membrane with foil is a sheet with two different sides, one with bitumen material and the outer end with silver foil. If you have guessed right, the foil works quite excellently on repelling all the high heat back into the atmosphere.

The application is also straightforward, as it requires only a heat gun applied over the surface of the material. The lower end of the membrane will melt and be strongly attached to the surface, providing a waterproofing solution at the same time.

Gardening over your roof

Since we are talking purely about a different solution which answers our query on how to prevent the roof from sun heat better, we would like to talk about some alternative solutions which do fixes high temperature over your roof issue.

One solution which is gaining popularity day in and out is gardening out over your roof. This is not just an effective solution to face high temperatures, but with the help of gardening and growing different forms of vegetation, it will help the household to become self-sustained through growing vegetables and fruits.

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Placing plyboard 

Wood is a universally accepted insulator or a bad heat conductor. If we place plyboard across the roof, the heat will substantially be decreased all over the surface.

This is a proven concept and has been applied to many homes, especially preferred by people who need an instant solution without investing a lot in an overall heat proofing solution.

Advance heat proofing solutions

After explaining some of the basic to medium sized solutions that are included to answer our query about how to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan, let’s talk some more about advanced heat proofing solution.

PU foam spray

One of the most advance solution which is also quite popular among many customers that need their roof completely insulated no matter the size, structure, material, or orientation of your roof is.

It’s called polyurethane form insulation and works quite well for any type of roof altogether.

How effective is a chemical treatment to prevent the roof from sun heat?

The last thing people want after coming home from a hectic day to face high humidity in their home. This can be solved by using a chemical treatment to prevent the roof from sun heat.

We would like to talk a little about how effective are the chemicals in the first place and how much does it fix the issue of high temperature in your home for the better.

Reduce high temperature over the roof

The high temperature over the roof is the main culprit which makes your home hotter during extreme summer times.

With the help of a chemical-based solution to prevent the roof from sun heat, the sunlight gets reflected into the atmosphere, leaving the room cooler than ever before.

There’s also a stern chance that your home gets cooler over 5-6 C degrees which is far better than turning on the Air Conditioning and experienced a soured up electric bill at the end of the month.


There’s always the air conditioning unit to make the temperature decrease for your home, but people often not like that one because of the high electricity bills coming their way at every end of the month during the summer season.

A better way to fix this issue for the better is through using the chemical-based solution to prevent the roof from sun heat for the better.

Chemical application is accompanied simply by using chemicals properly coated over the surface of your roof and all light is reflected into the atmosphere, giving you the best result for the long term.

Less time to apply

The chemical-based solution to prevent the roof from sun heat is the quick-based solution. Not just it is applied in merely in hours, but also provide result in hours as well, right after it has been dried properly.

Chemical application when compared to other solutions within the same spectrum takes a lot of time as well as cost into the overall service.

Chemical application only requires the use of a paintbrush which is applied over the roof to provide a good source of reflection to the roof.

Instant result

As we have stated before, the chemical-based treatment to prevent the roof from sun heat produce quicker result than ever before.

The result is something people are more inclined towards, and the use of chemical-based heatproofing material is the best one in the market.

Want to know how to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan and avail services as well?

Other several solutions could answer the question about how to prevent the roof from sun heat in Pakistan.

If you are looking for some great solution along with its application, simply contact LCS heat proofing solution and we’ll make sure to provide comprehensive heat proofing and heat insulation in Pakistan.

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