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How to find leaking pipes in the bathroom in Pakistan?

Bathroom leakage and seepage come from water-based damages. These damages come from either behind the wall leaking pipe in a bathroom or from leakages through the drain.

What we are trying to do is to explain possible ways where wall leaking pipe in the bathroom comes from in Pakistan.

Shower leaking

Shower placement could be the source of leakage and seepage. The leakage over the shower’s end can either comes from wall leaking pipe in the bathroom behind the wall, or through leaky tabs.

Most of the time, the shower leaking is fixed with the help of breaking the tiles over the shower end. Then with plumber works, repairing damaged lines or filling the walls with the proper water stopper possible.

Helping to stop the leakage and seepage is possible with the help of shower leaking in Pakistan.


Inside your bathroom, one way to see wall leaking pipe in the bathroom is from the other end of the bathtub. The bathtub leaks from the sides of the walls, as well as the overflow element, especially in the case of the bathtub.

The fixing bathtub needs to apply waterproofing chemicals because there’s no tap or other element which is considered as the main source of leakage.

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Drain leakage

The drain over the bathroom constitutes 70% of the leakage and seepage. The same can be said for wall leaking pipe in the bathroom because of drain leakage.

The leakage pipes are caused by either cracks or damaged pipes. If the material is made from concrete, the leakage will be in greater quantity.

Thanks to the assistance of the plumber, the stopping of leakage for the drain is possible. If the waterproofing chemical is passed over the drain, the result will be even better.

Tiles leakages

People who are facing seepage over the walls are most of the time is caused by tiles leakage.

Thanks to the application of waterproofing chemicals along with tiles grouting, it’s possible to stop the leakages for the better.

If the tiles are damaged, it’s better to completely apply to the coat using 2-component chemicals to stop the leakage and seepage over the bathroom. The same can be used to stop wall leaking pipe in the bathroom.

Toilet leaks

The toilets need special attention to fix the leakage over the bathroom. It requires fixing and repair if the leakage is uncontrollable.

Also, with the help of waterproofing chemicals, toilet leakage can be stopped once the chemical is properly dried up.

In most cases, Pakistan has toilets made from both ceramic and normal concrete. Also, there’s a commode and WC difference in leakage element.

Tap leaks

To fix the Tap leakage which is the main source of leakage pipe in the bathroom needs assistance from the end of the plumber’s labor.

Either with the help of repairing the tap using a rubber layer or replacing the tap ensures that leakage over the leaking pipe in the bathroom is fixed.

Another method to fix the leaking taps using minimum cost is to check the pipes behind the wall and find leaking pipe in the bathroom.

For that using waterproofing chemical coating also ensure that leakage and seepage are fixed for the better.

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Sink leakages

The sink is one of the important elements in every bathroom which usually starts to leak uncontrollably. The main cause of sink leakage is the damage of the material or overtime, the joints are loosening which opens leakage and seepage quite badly.

Thanks to the application of waterproofing chemicals, the sink leakage can be controlled, or we can always avail the expertise of plumber works.

Under-sink leakages 

There are two elements of leaking pipe in the bathroom when talking about the sink, one’s from the top end and the second is from under the sink leakage.

With the help of repairs or replacement works, the sink leakage can be controlled for the better.

Want to avail chemical solution for leaking pipe in the bathroom in Pakistan?

The main reason for leaking pipe in the bathroom is either by fixed by reconstruction work of bathroom or by renovating works from the help of waterproofing chemicals application.

If you are looking to avail chemical-based solution, simply contact LCS waterproofing solution in Pakistan, and we’ll make sure to provide the best solution that works for every form of the bathroom.

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