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How to fix bathroom tiles leakage solutions in Pakistan?

No one is fully secure from the damages of leakage and seepage in their home. Where there’s more water, the leakage will equally haunt us even to a greater degree. That’s what has made many people rely on 3rd generation solution, such as chemical-based bathroom tiles leakage solution.

But how does bathroom tiles leakage solution is applied? We are going to provide a comprehensive guide for our readers which will ultimately aid them in learning step by steps features involved in the entire process.

Clear off debris from a bathroom

When you are looking to avail of the bathroom tiles leakage solution in Pakistan, the first thing which doesn’t involve any chemicals or equipment as per se, which is to clear of debris from your bathroom.

The cleaning process can be done by using a normal sweeper so that hard rocks, dust, and other debris are cleared off from the bathroom.

You can also apply water and wipe the bathroom if the debris is a little hard to remove. The paint or any other stain is not a problem when chemical-based bathroom tiles leakage solution is under consideration.

Apply primer 

Before starting with a chemical application for bathroom tiles leakage solution, it’s important to apply a primer solution over the bathroom.

Whether the bathroom is tiled or not, the primer helps the surface to get repaired using the mixture of waterproofing chemical, known as acrylic, as well as white cement.

The application is done with the help of a paintbrush all over the bathroom, including walls and wall corners.

Grout tiles

Talking about the bathroom tiles leakage solution, the grouting of tiles is a must solution that double down on the fact that leakage from tiles openings is restricted as much as possible.

The tiles grout is performed by mixing waterproofing chemicals along with white cement and then applying in between tiles. Usually, the technician applies the chemicals using their fingers, to properly fill the gaps of the tiles for the better.

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Apply Waterproofing chemicals

Once the grouting of the tiles is taken care of, the next important element which follows is the good old waterproofing chemical application.

The bathroom tiles leakage solution is only possible with the help of waterproofing chemicals, once the chemical is applied in the form of ordinary cots.

As people do it for paint, we apply the chemical mixed with white cement and apply all over the floors. It’s taken some time to get dry.

Wait for chemical dry

Waiting for chemicals to get dry is an important step during bathroom tiles leakage solution. Once the solution is dried up, there’s more work needed to perform as far as waterproofing solutions are concerned.

In most times, the drying period is anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, because once it’s dried and closed the molecules with the surface, only then we can go ahead with additional waterproofing coats.

Apply multiple coats

Using the same chemical mixture used for applying for the first time, bathroom tiles leakage solution can never be completed once the multiple coats are applied over the surface.

It starts when the first coat is completely dried up. The subsequent coats are applied in a follow-up manner, so that chemical application gets completed in the shortest period.

An additional solution for bathroom waterproofing

There is some additional solution pertaining when going with bathroom waterproofing chemical-based solutions. Although the bathroom tiles leakage solution is more or less comprised of the above-mentioned steps, there are still some steps that need a proper application in ensuring comprehensive security from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage.

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Pass chemicals through sewerage lines

The first thing which comes from the bathroom tiles leakage solution is passing chemicals through sewerage lines.

The chemicals once passed along with applying hot air gun to dry up the chemicals properly will close off the leakage elements throughout the sewerage lines.

This process is exclusive for bathroom waterproofing solutions and does excellent work on protecting the leakage and seepage over your walls.

Interested to apply bathroom tiles leakage solution in Pakistan?

The best bathroom tiles leakage solution will surely fix the leakage and seepage trouble located in your bathroom.

If you are truly looking to avail of this solution in the first place, simply contact the LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll make sure to provide a bathroom waterproofing solution that works for the better.

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