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Different types of bathroom construction cost in Pakistan

People might need to have their bathroom redone or construct from start in a new home. If that’s the case, the next important question that comes to our mind is what is the current bathroom construction cost in Pakistan?

Here in this article, we are going to explore different features of a bathroom and understand how to calculate the total bathroom construction cost in Pakistan for a new bathroom or renovation when that time comes.

Required works for bathroom construction

A bathroom is made from different materials which are usually followed in a step-by-step manner. Similarly, like other construction work, the bathroom is composed of concrete, tiles, and electric wiring, along with additional plumbing and sanitary material works.

Let’s understand all the works one by one and find what is the average bathroom construction cost in Pakistan.

Plumbing works cost

Once the cement and concrete works have created a room which is usually smaller in size than your ordinary living room, that one has some additional openings for plumbing lines fittings.

Here we need to take assistance from a reputable plumber. It’s the plumber who will be responsible to lay down sewerage lines, and lines for freshwater. Simply opening up the lines in the first stage will be enough.

Cost for plumbing works in Pakistan is of two types, either lump sum or cost per square ft. it’s important to hire a plumber which is an expert and has around 10 years of experience in plumbing works.

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Sanitary material cost

Because the real bathroom construction cost in Pakistan gets adds up with a sanitary material purchase, it all depends on the quality of goods purchased.

For starters, a bathroom has one sink, one toilet, and one mixture for a shower. There are taps and mixture combinations usually required next to every freshwater point.

All of these materials are different based on brand and quality, plus the plumber labor cost is separate.

Tiles cost

No bathroom is ever complete without tiles application. The tiles increase the beautification of the bathroom and secure your concrete walls from leakage and seepage.

Since we are talking about bathroom construction costs in Pakistan, it’s quite fair to also discuss something about the cost of the tile.

Firstly, the tiles need to be purchased and the quality of tiles depends on the cost. There is a different design of tiles available in the market, so choose on your preference.

Tiles installation cost

Once tiles are procured, there’s a cost involved to apply them. The tiles application is done mostly by labor who can work on the application without any reservation.

Usually the tile application labor charge per sq. ft or lumpsum for bathroom. Depending on the negotiation skills as well as the experience of the tile’s installation technician, the cost will greatly defer.

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Bathroom Waterproofing cost

Inside the comprehensive bathroom construction cost in Pakistan, there’s another additional cost to ensure that leakage and seepage are secured for the better, known as bathroom waterproofing cost.

The waterproofing chemicals are applied to the bathroom construction either during or after the construction of the bathroom.

As for the additional cost, the chemical application is usually charged lumpsum which homeowner to get a good deal on the overall work in short.

Different between bathroom for apartment and bungalows

The size and placements of the bathroom are different in apartments and bungalows for obvious reasons. This is also important when a person is considering bathroom construction costs in Pakistan and finding the right candidate for the job.

As for waterproofing is considered, the cost depends on the chemical applied over the points for sewerage. The large bathroom has a bath tub, which requires more chemicals application, hence the cost for waterproofing products also increases.

Want to avail of waterproofing for your newly constructed bathroom in Pakistan?

There’s a time when people are looking to have a solid contractor to look after the leakage and seepage of the bathroom, along with the total bathroom construction cost in Pakistan.

If that’s the case, simply contact LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll make sure to provide comprehensive chemical-based water-resistant for your home for the better.

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