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Can Thermocol be used for heat insulation in Pakistan?

A big question often comes under consideration by many homeowners “can Thermocol be used for heat insulation in Pakistan”?

This question can be simply answered in yes as well as explained in detail for our readers. Let’s learn more by understanding the practical uses of Thermocol materials in our lives.

Uses of Thermocol material 

Talking about the manufacturing of Thermocol, it’s a Thermoplastic compound chemically known as polystyrene.

Polystyrene is obtained from the polymerization of styrene and phenylethane. The product is also known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and is 100% recyclable that yields the plastic compound.

Because of its environmentally friendly properties, there are a lot of uses of Thermocol material in practice. Some of these are mentioned below.

Disposable containers

One of the high use of Thermocol used in practice is as disposable items, most profoundly, the containers.

There are even plates, cups made from Thermocol being used extensively all over the world. Because primarily speaking, Thermocol is a heat insulation material, it is used mostly as temporary containers to carry food.

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There is hardly any item packed inside a box which doesn’t include Thermocol material. The Thermocol because of its abundance and environmentally friendly feature uses to fit the box particulars tightly inside the container.

Most probably we find Thermocol material being used as peanut which helps as a cushion for fragile items getting damaged. That extra cushion works quite well with packing it with a box of any size.

Insulation boards

To answer the main question about Can Thermocol be used for heat insulation, it lies with the next item which is actively available in the market, known as Insulation board.

Insulation boards are used for applying for heat insulation works. Not just applicable over the roof, but heat insulation boards can be applied over walls, metal containers, and even floor as per the requirement.

The main element to consider is to understand the heat insulation can surely assist in decreasing the high temperature over your home.

How Thermocol used for heat insulation?

Because Thermocol material works as heat insulation over your home, it’s quite evident to understand that insulation material works well especially during heat temperature.

Many people are not sure how can heat insulation is possible using Thermocol material because they come in the form of boards.

Unlike heat proofing coating, the insulation is not applied which is applied rather installed on sections of your home.

Sandwich between concrete

To answer the question can Thermocol be used for heat insulation in Pakistan, first and foremost it is applied without any issue during the construction process.

The sandwich is carried out when concrete pouring is applied over a Thermocol insulation sheet. In most cases, there is are hollow blocks used to reduce some amount of high temperature, but it doesn’t apply for much relief when compared to Thermocol heat insulation.

This process seems to be most famous and widely acknowledge by many households because it’s secure for not just the Thermocol sheet but as well as people to get security from low heat.

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Apply over roof ceiling

Not everyone can avail sandwich process for Thermocol heat insulation, because due to the post-construction roof.

If that’s the case, then another method used to answer the question can Thermocol be used for heat insulation is through applying it over your roof ceiling.

This is possible after the application of special sections created for wood and applying these Thermocol boards inside these sections made from wood.

Use of Thermocol sheet with waterproofing at the exterior

If someone is not looking to apply any additional expense when it comes to remodeling a house, you can simply apply a Thermocol heat insulation sheet directly over your roof.

But the main thing is to protect it from water, such as leakage and rain. For that, we can apply waterproofing chemical over the insulation, so that it’s secured from unnecessary leakage damages.

Are you looking to avail of heat insulation over your roof in Pakistan?

The main question about can Thermocol be used for heat insulation is surely in the affirmative. There are multiple ways to make a home heatproof, whether it’s over the roof or walls.

If that’s the case for your home, simply contact the LCS waterproofing solution and we’ll make sure to apply the best quality Thermocol sheet over your roof and walls.


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