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Heat Proofing in Karachi

Karachi is considered to be one of the largest cities in Pakistan and lies in the top 20 big metropolia in the World. Along with all the praise regarding a big city landscape, there is a drawback to it as well in the form of concrete overload and construction extravagance. Keeping it short, people in Karachi faces great changes during the summer season when the temperature is on the rise. The high charges of energy bill along with poor ventilation make it quite a distress for people in Karachi to live in peace. And to make everything even worse, the concrete produces special effects which is known as urban heat effects, that further boost the total heat dissipation across the city. The answer to all these queries can be mitigated through the uses of heat-proofing in Karachi.

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Heat Proofing in Karachi
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Low-cost solution to reduce heat in Karachi

Heatproofing in Karachi is a good solution to make sure no heat ever comes into your way ever again. This is simply thought using some special design chemical solution which helps the customers to live by feeling roof cool sensation. Just by calling out special construction chemical contractors and hiring them for a complete heat proofing service in Karachi, the subsequent output which can be obtained through the processes of heat-proofing will be covered by our individuals.

Types of heat-proofing chemicals used

There are plenty of types of heat-proofing chemical used in Karachi which all depends on the needs of the heat entering into the facility. By using various types of chemical treatments, the concept is to keep your roof and walls perfectly insulated in order to make the heat reflected from the exterior end of your homes and office. Some of the widely used heat proofing chemicals in Karachi are

– Bituminous Aluminium foil membrane heat reflector and waterproofing

– Elastomeric heat reflector coating

– heat reflector coating system

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Clients have the true power

Unlike any other service-based company, Lakhwa chemical Services prime consideration has always remained to be our customers. Depending on the needs of our clients and how we could assist them further by decreasing the total buildup temperature from the roof and wall. Using not one but multiple ways related to heat proofing in Karachi will ensure that our main object will always remain the same, no matter how many u-turns we have to take in order only to withstand the adverse effects of heat waves.



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