Factors That Add Hot Temperature Over Your Roof During Summer And How To Rectify Them

When summer season is around the corner, it might get uncomfortable because of excess humidity and light. So, you need to protect yourself, preferably by cooling the environment. Try to put some fixes which can control the interior temperature. Enhance your roof durability with our advanced roof coating solutions. Protect against weather damage and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Roof Coating

A material’s roof and color have a significant impact on how much light it reflects or absorbs. Temperatures rise with dark-colored roofs because of its low solar reflectance index. On the other hand, light-colored roofing materials can reflect more heat. To improve reflectivity, cool roof coatings are a perfect addition to your dwelling.

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Choose the Perfect Shingle

Although shingles aren’t as reflective as other cool roof solutions for low-sloping roofs, they’re still a popular choice for residential buildings because of their look and design. While a shingle with coated asphalt granules may cost a little more, a cool shingle with white granules costs around the same. So, why purchase a heat-oriented one?

Choose The Best Tile for a Roof

Tiles can be a reason for a hot roof. Both regular and cool-colored tiles might be the best options for cooling a pitched roofs, even if they aren’t as popular as shingles. Certain historic tiles, based on their color and the kind of clay they are composed of, are inherently reflective. The pigments generate cool-colored tiles and reflect solar energy in the infrared range.

Terracotta, green, and brown are examples of earth tones used to generate cool-colored tiles. For sloping roofs, Energy Star-qualified materials are optimal: These cool-colored roofs tiles are priced accordingly.

Modern Technologies for Cool Roof

The main objective of modern cool roofs technologies is to reduce heat absorption. Purchasing these cutting-edge materials might be a long-term way to reduce the damage that hot weather will do to your roof.

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Ventilation For Roof Cool

To cool your roof is necessary. Add shrubs and trees around your home to offer shade. However, if they grow too large and cover your roofs, they may obstruct ventilation and retain heat. Trim overhanging branches regularly provide shade and ventilation.

Install Solar Panels

Direct sunlight to the roof will increase the roofs temperature. Installing solar panels is the best way to keep your home cool and improve its energy efficiency. Solar panels lower the temperature of the roof and house since they filter the Sun’s rays. You may use solar panels to convert solar energy to generate electricity, a sustainable energy source. You will earn free electricity in addition to lowering your power bills by using your air conditioner less!

Green Roofs

Green roofs offer shade, a cool interior, and lots of vegetation. It can reduce temperatures by 30-40oF compared to other methods. Moreover, it can shorten energy expenditures by 0.7%.

These roofs can improve the drainage system and hence, reduce corrosion and asset damage. On a broader scale, green roofs are perfect to restrict global warming.

In the past, if you made errors in choosing the best roofing materials, it’s time to correct your mistake: Choose light colors for proper ventilation and insulation. Using these solutions can help you create a more pleasant living space while reducing your energy usage and environmental impact. These ideas help in beating the summer heat.

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