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Does Termite Proofing in Karachi use secure chemicals?

Termites can ruin your day because its something which appears abruptly but generated over time. As termites usually attack and live in the same place, the wooden structure whether it’s inside your home or the furniture where we live in is the major area of danger or in other words are high profile targets for us. The only way we can get a reduction from these critters is by availing termite proofing in Karachi from an experienced and reputable company. So far many people can be found that provide the termite proofing in Karachi with promising results, but the main thing which is also of great importance is does termite proofing in Karachi uses secure chemicals? In this article, we are going to talk about this query in detail and which types of chemicals are available for termite proofing.

Importance of quality chemicals for termite proofing

Having a good chemical for termite proofing goes a long way, even longer than targets only termite in the first place. Good quality chemicals for termite proofing makes sure that your health is also taken into account plus the environment where we live in. On the other hand, the termite proofing when done by using a fake type of chemicals will bring about a lot of issues that are not recommended for residential or commercial areas. Also, it’s no secret that quality chemicals are way more expensive and hard to find than weak potent termite proofing in Karachi.

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Pesticide exposure and its adverse effects

Pesticides are chemicals which are used over a wide range of application, mostly around the agriculture sector. When talking about pesticides used in agriculture, its adverse effects is surely felt by crops because they are edible. For termite proofing in Karachi, the same chemicals can also be referred to as pesticides because they are targeting the pests in large. The chemicals applied over the residential sector may form drastic effects in both the short and long term. At most there’s the irritating smell which could generally get in people’s way. Secondly, the use of pesticides could be the reason for breathing or allergic issues. When we are not careful with the type of chemicals used for termite proofing in Karachi, its exposure could have adverse effects on our well being in the long run.

Which chemicals are used for termite proofing?

Being a detail-oriented company that great care for our customers. It’s important to let our readers understand various types of chemicals used for termite proofing in Karachi. The good thing about industrial chemicals that it follows a strict quality standard that must be followed and proper compliance because of health precautions. Below are some of the chemicals which are generally used as termite proofing in Karachi.

Arsenic trioxide

An odorless powder-like substance which is used directly over the wooden structure and places where termite infestation is imminent. It’s quite an effective chemical that works on every type of wood and timber to wipe out as termite proofing in Karachi within a few hours. One thing about using is to make sure that it’s not be consumed by mammals and insects other than termites because it might prove to be fatal. To keep this problem under consideration, Arsenic trioxide is not used for soil treatment and as a pesticide over crops.


Bifenthrin is used mostly for pre-construction treatment either for homes and buildings. This type of chemicals is of great importance because as termite proofing in Karachi, the issue might be persistent when the chemical is not as much potential as we want it to be. The good thing about Bifenthrin is about its effectiveness about the termite, but this chemical is also considered to come under medium to high toxic compounds for humans.

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The use of Fipronil is considered to be as highly active pesticide to take care of termite proofing in Karachi. This chemical is also usually known as an intelligent chemical because of the application where it’s applied as an external layer. When termites are infested over the structure, it gets attracted by the layer where they die. These chemicals are very active and might prove to be little on the high toxicity for humans.

How termite proofing companies can provide security?

When we talk about termite proofing in Karachi and the companies that apply them, we are left with few options other than availing the solutions from these companies for the first place. The termite proofing chemicals must be applied with great care as well as its application should always be done within a controlled environment. The people who are responsible for applying the chemical over the affected areas must understand all the procedures for using the equipment and safety protocols. All of this and more will be handled by a good and reputable termite proofing in Karachi.

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