Chemical Ingredients used to Control pest Infestation

Pest Infestation control is essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in businesses, public spaces, and homes. From cockroaches and mice to larger species, pests can cause multiple issues, such as property damage, disease infusion, food contamination, etc. However, on the brighter side, these creatures can be controlled and minimized through different chemicals.

Ingredients play a pivotal role in managing pest extermination: An active ingredient repels, kills, or mitigates an insect in quick time. Pest infestation poses a threat to both property and health, as uncontrolled populations can damage structures and transmit diseases. Following are some important components used in pest infestation reducing chemicals.

  1. Boric Acid

Boric acid with sodium salts is used to exterminate a wide variety of pests, including spiders, algae, fungi, termites, etc. It is a water-soluble compound made from boron, oxygen, and hydrogen. Boracic acid (boric acid) is low in toxicity; its effects are not dangerous for the human skin. It is found in natural foods, such as almonds, peanuts, rice, apples, etc.

Boric acid is available in liquid and solid (tablet, powder) forms. When an insect ingests it, the metabolic process and nervous system are affected. Moreover, their exterior also gets scratched and damaged upon contact.

The applications of boric acid are numerous: It is applied in homes, offices, and outdoor environments (agricultural fields, sewage systems, and woodlands). Moreover, it is used in the manufacture of pottery, porcelain, dyeing, photography, and more. If you want to get rid of pests, contact Lakhwa Chemical Services today.

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  1. Abamectin

Abamectin is a mixture of nerve poisons called Avermectins. It works by affecting the central nervous system and triggering paralysis in arthropods (ants, termites, millipedes, etc.) This compound does not kill instantly; it takes 2-4 days for a target to capitulate.

The delayed-action pesticide causes a spread that occurs in other insects through contact or food-sharing. Abamectin is low in toxicity. Moreover, it is active at low rates against horticultural and household insects. Lastly, this product creates a protective barrier that continues to be effective for long periods.

  1. Permethrin

Permethrin is an active ingredient that controls a wide variety of flying and crawling insects. When added to water, it becomes a long-lasting mixture when applied to different materials. It is used on fabric, bed nets, and clothing to kill or repel insects. Permethrin is available in dust, powder formulations, and concentrates. It is odor-free and a safe-to-use product.

This substance functions by over-exciting an insect’s nervous system, paralyzing its body and causing death. It contains piperonyl butoxide (PBO), a light-yellow organic compound known for restricting enzyme functioning. According to research, permethrin-treated clothing has lower tick attachments and bite reduction compared to non-permethrin treated attire.

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  1. Cyfluthrin

Cyfluthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that functions by disrupting the metabolism and nervous system of insects, leading to paralysis and demise. It is used in spray formulations, applied directly on pests or areas where they are to be found. Cyfluthrin is effective for longer periods.

Compared to insects, it is less toxic to humans and mammals because of its reaction time. It is also used as a barrier treatment for crevices and holes to eradicate pests, such as termites. Cyfluthrin is a safe chemical to use in homes and offices. However, take precaution by wearing protective gear (gloves, mask, and long-sleeve attire).

  1. Hydramethylnon

Hydramethylnon is an inorganic chemical compound. It is an effective metabolic inhibitor for insects, such as cockroaches, ants, termites, and silverfish. It works by infecting the metabolic process and causing partial paralysis or death. It is a slow-killer, taking 3-4 days to eradicate the entire colony.

This chemical is supposed to be ‘carcinogenic’ to humans. So, it’s important to ensure safety before handling it. Users should take a shower after spraying the insecticide. Prior to that, they should be geared with appropriate equipment (goggles, gloves, and attire).

Chemical treatment is a quick and effective solution for eliminating pests. To clear an infestation in your home or office, contact Lakhwa Chemical Services today.

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