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How to Seal a concrete water tank in Karachi?

Water tank leakage can get in your neck if you didn’t find any plausible solution for it quickly. It’s quite important to learn how to seal a concrete water tank in Karachi.

We like to talk more about this account for sealing off your water tank whether it’s underground or overhead.

Clean tank 

When the leaking is something you just notice, no matter how small it is, it’s vital to close the gaps once and for all. The first thing is to ensure that your tank is properly clean from any harmful substance.

Usually, it’s observed that water tank over years get dirty and stores a lot of fungus like substance known as algae. Cleaning it will help on two accounts: one to make the watercolor of your water tank back to normal, while the other one is to ensure that water doesn’t get clogged up with harmful elements.

The cleaning solution is quite straight forward as it includes cleaning with a water hose and hand brush to take out the dirt by force.

Wait to get it dry

Once the water tank is fully cleaned, the next thing that follows is to dry the water tank properly. Want we need to imply is wait for the water to get dry on its own.

If there considerably less time for following the application of how to seal a concrete water tank, we can also use fans or hot air guns to make water dry up more quickly.

In most cases, the water can dry usually around an hour or two, while in the meantime, the waterproofing experts can work on mixing the waterproofing chemicals in a bucket.

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Repair and fill cracks

Once the water tank is clean and dried up, it’s important to find any cracks and properly fill them up using a cement mixture.

It’s the usual masonry work that involves repairing the water tank and fill up cracks that come over time through contact water-based damage.

One point to consider is that water can start leaking even from the tiniest crack found over the surface, for that, it’s important to completely coat the surface using waterproofing and cement mixture known as a two-component solution.

Types of waterproofing chemicals used to heat a concrete water tank

Although there is a wide range of waterproofing materials available for waterproofing works, when it comes to how to seal a concrete water tank using waterproofing chemicals, there are only two types of chemicals that are possible.

The main reason for this limited chemical to support the water tank work is since this chemical is applied in the interior end of the water tank.

It’s is not recommended to use oil-based waterproofing chemicals or any chemical which is made from carbon byproduct.

Below are two waterproofing chemicals that can be used to answer our main question of the day, which is how to seal a concrete water tank in Karachi using waterproofing.


Acrylic is a transparent polymer that is used with cement to mix for a complete application. The best thing about acrylic is that it’s cost-effective and further strengthen the waterproofing solution once it’s applied on multiple layered.

The acrylic application works quite well in terms of water tank waterproofing in Karachi and does secure leakage and seepage for several years.

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Another form of waterproofing chemical which comes to the rescue for how to seal a concrete water tank is elastomeric.

Although the elastomeric looks like transparent colored material too, but the quality is better when considered with the acrylic compound.

Looking to apply into practice to seal a concrete water tank in Karachi?

After the chemical application is completed over the water tank, the only thing which remains is to wait for the chemical to dry up.

It’s up to the customer to perform multiple coats over the surface to double down over the protection as well as to ensure that how to seal a concrete water tank is confirmed to its fullest.

If that’s the case and you are looking to avail the next-gen solution of waterproofing your water tank on your own, simply contact LCS waterproofing solutions for a quick survey and learn more details about the job.

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