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Is there any trick to apply waterproofing concrete water tanks?

People just are curious and looking to find out what goes behind the procedures for waterproofing concrete water tanks?

Because it’s natural to have a lot of questions about the entire process and things in between. Such as which chemicals are used to make waterproofing concrete water tanks, as well as how to secure all those cracks and damaged areas in the first place.

Not to mention the use of chemicals in the internal area of water tank although it’s quite understood that it’s not secure for harmful chemicals to get in contact with drinking and clean water.

Below are all of these questions which help people to understand the so-called trick behind the application of waterproofing concrete water tanks.

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Cleaning water tank thoroughly

The first time someone called a team of experts for waterproofing concrete water tanks, it very obvious that they engaged in the cleaning of the water tank.

Usually, for waterproofing concrete water tanks, the cleaning part comes automatically, hence the cost of the waterproofing concrete water tanks, the cleaning is already included.

The cleaning is done after all remaining water is pumped away from the actual water tank. The begin the cleaning part using chemicals and equipment to ensure that all dirt, fungus, and other unhygienic elements are properly eliminated.

Repair cracks using cement

The main leaking from concrete water tanks is due to the cracks which get in the way as time goes by. The concrete water tank has a life until which it can withstand the water seepage and leakage in the first place.

It’s very necessary to coat a water tank from necessary waterproofing chemicals. But even the chemicals are not enough to fix a certain level of cracks over the water tank.

There are many workaround solutions to fix leakage through cracks even using bitumen membranes as waterproofing concrete water tanks or using cement as material to fill the gap.

If the cracks are frequent or there are large cracks over any concrete water tank, we might need the assistance of a masonry.

procure industry standards chemicals for water tank

Like we have mentioned above, the use of chemicals and in contact with drinking water is a point of concern if you are careful about your health.

The chemicals used for waterproofing concrete water tanks are available either locally or imported from outside.

These chemicals should always follow industry standards because industries test these chemicals and provide necessary certification which proves that a chemical is clear to be used for waterproofing concrete water tanks, even if it’s applied over the internal walls and floors of the water tank.

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Internal application

Application internally is very important, and chemical should be in such a way that internal waterproofing concrete water tanks are possible.

Another reason for the application of chemicals internally is because of the normal procedure followed by every waterproofing solution, since we can always apply chemical on the outside, but the main effect can be insured if it’s applied on the internal area.

External application is optional

Like the title explicitly explains that the external application of waterproofing concrete water tanks is always optional.

The main reason for this feature to be optional is that from the outside, its quite difficult to apply chemical if the water tank is not safe to work, or at the very least, the cost of external waterproofing will surely be increased.

How to waterproof a highly damaged water tank

For any customer when bombarded with a highly damaged water tank, it has few options to do something about it in the first place.

Below are a few of the steps we can go ahead for fixing or in other words waterproofing a highly damaged water tank.

Use of masonry works

A job of masonry person with a concrete water tank is quite common. If we are left with a damaged water tank, with quite a large cracks everywhere, hence its necessary to have masonry look at it.

For a masonry to ensure that waterproofing is completed on time, it will go more ahead than simply applying chemicals or at the very, most fix cracks using cement.

The use of other masonry materials will further cement on its fixing, more importantly, if people are looking for waterproofing concrete water tanks for several years.

Contact professional waterproofing concrete water tank experts

Finally, when the customer is really in need to apply waterproofing chemicals over their roof, they can rest a little by getting in complete confidence that many waterproofing companies are already providing their services in waterproofing concrete water tanks along with other waterproofing areas subjected with leakage and seepage on major to a minor scale.

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