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List of best water tank waterproofing products in Karachi

At the end of the day, want people are more interested in when dealing with water tank waterproofing products is to find out the best one among the rest.

The leakage and seepage troubles solution highly depends on availing the best water tank waterproofing products from the market.

Thanks to this guide, we have compiled all of the highly potent and best water tank waterproofing products in Karachi for our readers.

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For chemicals that do an excellent job is protection one from the adverse effects of water leakage and seepage especially over your water tank can be covered from polyurethane chemicals.

The best thing about polyurethane waterproofing chemicals is that it comes with different forms. Namely, solid and foam based.

The application is also quite straightforward, especially if it’s applied by an expert company. For water tank waterproofing products, polyurethane is usually the number one job for the job.

But the thing to consider is it’s applied over the external end of the water tank because it’s not safe to apply the chemical inside of the water tank, cause of toxicity from chemicals.

Cementitious Coating

For people who want to apply chemical both interior and exterior of the water tank, try this cementitious coating, which can be applied without any reservation.

As the name suggests, this type of water tank waterproofing products is simply a product mixed with cement. The application at the end is simply applying cement over the affected area.

The solution which can be referred to as water tank waterproofing products is usually acrylic-based polymers, a transparent colored chemical used for waterproofing needs.

Synthetic rubber

Materials also come into use when dealing with water tank waterproofing products. One of the highly popular products is a synthetic rubber.

These rubbers are applied either with a bonding agent or through applying heat over rubber material. It’s actually up to the requirement, as the rubber can come in sheet form of small particles which then can be subjected to heat and apply as raw manner.

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Modified Asphalt

When talking about the asphalt as water tank waterproofing products, it has several other uses along the way, like carpeting of roads. When dealing with modified Asphalt, they are also known as bitumen which is considered the best water tank waterproofing products in Pakistan.

For bitumen, we can use either hot or cold bitumen chemicals for our waterproofing needs. The chemical is applied over in raw form, and its leakage can be greatly decreased for years to come.


Plastic and water leakage proofing go a long way. And thanks to its abundance, we can use plastics in any form of size as our water tank waterproofing products.

The best thing about using plastic for securing high leakage and seepage from our water tank, is that, its completely safe to apply plastic on the internal end of the water tank without any reservation.

Bituminous membrane

Similarly to bitumen or modified asphalt which is usually in liquid form, there are other water tank waterproofing products that are of great potential for not just securing your water tank form the adverse effects of leakage and seepage, but it can also repair small and medium cracks from your want tank. The product that we are about to showcase is none other than the bituminous membrane.

As the name applied, these are membrane or sheets which are applied over the affected surface. These sheets are then applied through the melting process. Simply by applying a blow torch over the surface of the membrane, it can get melted and completely fortified over the affected surface without any reservation.

PVC membrane

PVC membrane works similarly as a bitumen membrane when dealing with water leakage and seepage. The only difference is its not a good choice if we are required to repair cracks over the water tank.

Secondly, which goes as a benefit, the PVC membrane can be used over the internal area of the water tank, because PVC is a common material and has no hazard effects on people’s health.

Looking to hire a professional waterproofing company for your water tank?

After learning about the main water tank waterproofing products, people might ask the follow-up question. How to apply these products over the leaky water tank in the first place. Good thing that we at LCS waterproofing solution, will not just ensure that no leakage and seepage ever comes into your lives once our chemicals are properly applied over the structure. Simply contact us to find us more about how we are going on with this application.

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