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Summers in Karachi

The city of Karachi is facing the great effects of global warming. According to the international report, out of 7 countries which will have extreme conditions, Pakistan includes as well. From 2015, we are seeing not only the heat being rose up to over 45 °C, but as the hot air travels from mountains region instead of the ocean, it creates high pressure which compressed heat to remain on a certain area. Unfortunately, Karachi is facing heat waves for the last 4 years and its intensity is increasing day by day. So, its only natural to get yourself protected from such a vulnerable situation, which is to stay indoors at all time, but we have another issue at hand known as The trapped heat.

Introducing Heat proofing By Lakhwa Chemical Services

Sun Reflective Paint

Concrete roofs and walls are a great source of protection and have many benefits, but with one exception, they store heat radiation from the sun. During summer time in Karachi, and especially heat waves, our homes, where it’s advised by authorities to stay indoors, won’t do us any good as heat traps inside our homes, creating an environment of exhaustion and irritation. Using Sun reflective paint over your roof and walls in Karachi helps greatly by reducing the total amount of heat being controlled as it reflects it back and prevent from storing inside, or absorbing through the walls. The chemical treatment for sun reflective paint is provided by our dedicated experts at Lakhwa Chemical Services

GI Sheet Heat Proofing

For shades, huts, garages, and attics, the GI metal sheet or corrugated sheet becomes one of the biggest heat receptors during heat waves in Karachi. Unlike concrete, which absorbs heat and then radiates during night hours, corrugated steel sheets work different. It behaves as a conductor, rather than absorbent. During day time, when the heat is unbearable outdoors, the roof with GI sheet adopts a similar temperature as that of outsides. Using reflective paint and a reflective sheet, the heat will be deflected back into the atmosphere with a lower amount of heat being transmitted indoors. It is quite important to understand the heat wave in Karachi has greater effects on GI sheet as they get hotter during the day and cooler during nights.

Reduces the chance of heat stroke

Why Heat Waves are dangerous? One word. Heat stroke. It has effect people in Karachi every time heat haves hits into the city. Reducing its effect through remaining hydrated, wear cooler clothes, stay indoors as much as possible and avoid direct sunlight are indeed the only solutions we can acquire. But it has been observed that even indoors or using all the precautionary measures, the effect of heat gets to us most abruptly, even we are secured indoors or not. Through investing in a chemical treatment outside your home, office or factory, the chemical will reflect back all the heat radiation and makes the total resistivity of your interior to its maximum. If a lower amount of heat enters into your house, you will get relaxed and feel roof cool sensation instantly.

Lakhwa Chemical Services offers best Heat proofing service in Karachi

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Karachi based Chemical treatment Contractors, Lakhwa Chemical Services provide solutions to our customers who are in need of heat proofing or waterproofing in Karachi or any part of Pakistan. We have commendable skills set and experience within our belt in all domains of our services, which includes roof heat proofing, roof heat insulation, roof waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, and others. We want to make sure that no one ever gets affected from intense rounds of a heat wave in Karachi, and once our chemical treatment is completed, you will surely feel an immense improvement in the decrease of heat temperature inside your homes, office or factory.


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