Heat Proofing Coating

Beat the Heat with Effective Heat Proofing Coating Solutions

When it becomes hot outside, the main consideration is to maintain the internal climate of your house bearable and comfortable. Though somewhat comforting from the effects of the heat, air conditioning on the other hand can result in very high energy cost. This is where the service called heat proofing coating intervenes as an intelligent and rational approach towards maintaining your home cool and conserving energy. Now let’s focus on how this new invention, heat proofing coating, can make a change in your living space and serve you in the future.

Heat Proofing Coating can be defined as a  Thermal Coating System which is a type of heat protection system designed to maintain .

Heat proofing coating is a special layer designed as a coating of building facade or outer surfaces like the roofs and walls. They reflect sunrays and are poor emitters of heat, factors that make the indoor temperature remain low. Thus, these coatings are intended to be long-wearing and resistant to environmental conditions, giving protection and functionality for the longest time possible

Some of the advantages of heat proofing coatings are as follows;

Reduced Indoor Temperatures: Heat proofing coatings work to regularly reflect a large part of direct solar radiation hence helping to decrease the temperatures inside your home. This results to a more comfortable living ambiance especially in the middle of very hot weather during summer.

Energy Efficiency: Less use of electricity and lighting during nights and mornings when the indoor temperatures are low, may be attributed to fewer uses of electrically powered air conditioning. This ensures that quite a large amount of energy is saved as well as fair bills being paid for the utilities. Heat proofing coatings are also environment friendly products and that can help in reducing energy consumption.

Extended Roof and Wall Lifespan: Artificial weather conditions may eventually destroy the building materials since excessive heat can wear them faster. Since heat proofing coatings minimize thermal stress, which is commonly seen in the roofs and walls of most buildings, it means that you are safeguarding your investment by getting them done.

Enhanced Comfort: A cooler home is also more comfortable as you do not need to run the air conditioning unit all the time for you to feel comfortable when seated, walking or working in the various areas of the home. This is especially important especially if the weather is hot where one is living or working at that place.

Application Areas


Roofs: Roofs are one of the primary ways through which heat gains in a given building structure gets experienced. When using heat proofing coating in your roof; it helps to minimize indoor temperatures and at the same time enhances the protection of roofing material from thermal degradation.

Exterior Walls: You can also use heat proofing products for your house exterior walls to improve of your homes overall energy performance. They are mainly used on walls that are directly exposed to sunlight since its providing adequate protection agains UV light.

Attics and Sheds: These areas are usually very unfavourable during summer. Insulating or heat proofing the outer coatings can enable control of temperature within the spaces thus making them functional.

Heat Proofing Coating Selection;

When selecting a heat proofing coating, consider the following factors:When selecting a heat proofing coating, consider the following factors:

Reflectivity and Emissivity: The preferable characteristics of the coatings are high reflectance and low emittance values. These attributes make it possible to achieve optimum heat reflection and minimum heat uptake.

Durability: Make sure to select an appropriate coating which is able to survive in adverse meteorological conditions and retain its reflectivity for rather a long time.

Ease of Application: There are those that can be easily applied on an object than others can as well be hardly be applied. In this case you have a choice to one that you roll on, you brush on or the one that you spray on.

Professional Application vs. DIY

Even though some people may decide to paint the heat proofing coatings themselves, it is always recommended to engage the services of a professional for the best results. This is something that a professional has the knowledge to do right and uniformly so that it works as it is meant to and lasts long.

Want to change the look of the interiors of your house and make your home cooler, ideal for living without searing heat? Try heat proofing coating services today! Thus, consult a reputable company today to know more and begin making your home less energy consumptive.

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